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  1. Ecky Thump Rally

    I'll be going to this meeting up in North Yorkshire, New Inn, Cropton, this weekend. It's been organised by the Adventure Bike Riders forum. Anyone else thinking of going? The campsite is next to the New Inn which has it's own micro brewery. Should be an interesting couple of days :compress: I...
  2. Lochinver Pie Shop Run - Saturday 9th April

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Weather looks good for Saturday so am planning a trip from Torphins to Lochinver to sample the delights of the Lochinver Pie Shop a.k.a the Lochinver Larder.... Will be heading up early so as to make the best of the day. Route will be Torphins, Tarland, Strathdon, over the Lecht, Tomintoul...
  3. HELP(please) braided lines +fittings

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have been searching through threads relating to brake hoses,and came across this, Jenna make your own pipes up fron fittings and hose bought per...
  4. Eloisa is... Poorly...

    Africa Twin
    'Houston, we have a problem......!' (We've had a main B bus undervolt.' (Whatever that means!!!) Ummm... Eloisa has a knock... A BIG Bad one... (And as you all know thats about as Tecky as I get!) Very Audiable at low speeds (Dahhh!), seems to be coming from low middle rear area... I haven't...
  5. Captains Service Blog... Chapter One...!

    Africa Twin
    Ummm.... If anyones interested, my BLOG recollections on completing the first service on Eloisa are here... ... (Not tecky at all though, just a bit boring!!!) Thanx again guys :D