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  1. Alley Radiators ...

    Africa Twin
    Well the old girl will be stripped and a complete overhaul undertaken around the end of March. Now the original radiators are in a poor state but not leaking the fins are bent ect ect .... So does any of you out there have any experience with the alley ones from say Czech Republic or the...
  2. Recommend carb synchronizing gauges?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, and thank you for your welcome. Can you carb synchronizing gauges, ones that have whatever is needed to connect to the carbs. Also, where is the take off for gauges on the carbs? Many thanks, Pat.
  3. sandblasting the frame: how to protect VIN and VIN plate

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone Any recommendations on protecting the VIN on the steering head and the VIN plate on the back of the frame before the sandblasting?
  4. Intercomm between non same models

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi All Just wondering if there is an easy way to connect three riders with bluetooth helmet gear. What about using WhatsApp over the internet? Any suggestions welcome. Graeme
  5. Chainsaw Boots

    Just taken delivery of a new pair of boots that protect your feet in case of a chain saw accident They came in a bag marked FRAGILE!
  6. Bike volt meter.

    Ive fitted a gammatronix volt meter today of ebay £14.95,easy to fit as this model is designed to connect to the battery to get the best out of it.ive fitted these to bikes before and found them to be handy.
  7. Varadero fender extender

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm thinking of making a homemade fender extender for my Varadero. It seems if the front flap was about 10cm longer it would protect the engine from all salt, dirt etc splashes. Has anyone done this and how did you do it?
  8. What bike to get next

    Well, I have been looking and reading and looking, gone for Honda 700 NC, 750 NC and for some strange reason, I am seriously looking at R1200 GS. Not new, I hasten to add, that would definately mean divorce. So, any hints and tips about buying a GS, what to look out for ect. Interestingly...
  9. Disable/ disconnect choke ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks I have no trouble starting my @ without choke but have been reading about the potential problems that they can cause, question is .........some people disable or disconnect them to prevent the problem happening, could I just not use it and prevent the problem from...
  10. back fire

    Dominator / FMX
    hi when I throttle off I get a lot of back fire through is standard original pipes ect....any ideas thank you:smile:
  11. Looks familiar will it fit

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi i am looking for a good condition rear wheel and a tidy seat for a 96 RD08 but at the moment not a lot available on ebay,for theDominator so can anybody tell me if the mentioned parts will fit the Domie taken from an FX , SLR , vigor ect as they all come from the same stable .
  12. Wanted: XR650R road legal parts switch gear ect. and body work

    For Sale / Wanted
    I guys i have a 2002 xr650 and im looking for switchgear numberplate holder speedo any wiring needed rear light and any nice condition body work as my bikes been an off roader this is what I have at the front
  13. Pitting on forks

    I have some pitting/ discoloration on my front forks, the general stuff brought with age, looking to bring them back to life and protect them. What would you suggest?? Cheers
  14. Engine bars with fairing protection

    Africa Twin
    Hi, has anyone had any experience of the crash bars from wemoto that protect fairing also? good or bad? thanks.
  15. Servicing and repairs

    Mechanical Advice
    Is there anyone local to Kent/Essex on here that does servicing/ repairs in there spare time to earn extra money ? Im looking to get a service ect done and dont want to be ripped off by garages and dont have the time/knowledge to do it myself.:hitler:
  16. Tapatalk support gone?

    I cannot connect to TT this afternoon. Anyone else too?
  17. facebook connect

    Does the button f connect at the top of the page actually do anything? I have been on the XRV.Org facebook page and posted some ramblings but I do not recongnise any familier names on there. Do any of you use it?
  18. Need help to install USB charger

    Africa Twin
    I've bought this USB charger, and I'd like to install it switched, so my question is, where should I connect + ? Minus I plan to either connect at the frame ground, or at the battery. Thanks! :)
  19. What to disconnect before welding?

    Africa Twin
    I've got to weld a new bash plate mounting lug on my RD07. Obviously I don't want to fry anything, what do I need to disconnect or unplug? The lug is where the LH engine crash bar mounts. Cheers Chris
  20. Scott oiler on RD07

    Africa Twin
    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can run a vacuum line to operate a scottoiler on an RD07. Can't see any vacuum hoses off the carbs but there may be a plug on the carb housing that I could connect a nipple and line to the unit?