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  1. Varadero
    I'm going to change the gaskets at the weekend , just been out to spray all the bolts with WD40 and I noticed that there is what looks like a lambda sensor on the collector box but the wires have been cut . Should a carb model have a lambda ? Thought it was for fuel injection ecu's ? Wondering...
  2. XRV Swap Shop
    Looks like a failed reg/rec on my 1994 RD07 has damaged the ECU :( so looking out for a replacement. Anyone know of one available (even just to test to confirm mine has actually failed)? Are there any recommendations for an after-market unit? Thanks.
  3. Transalp
    Hi Everyone I posted earlier that I needed a ECU.... Mistake I need a CDI for my Transalp 1999 if you have a spare please inbox me and we can have a chat. thanks al
  4. ECU

    will a HONDA CBR 600F Model F3 FV FW (PC31, PC31A) work on my 1999 xl600 transalp ? or is there anyone on here have a spare ecu unit as mine has fried..... URGENT REQUEST
  5. eBay - Transalp
    CDI for Transalp400v ND06 / Transalp600v PD06 for sale. Check other CDI models in the item description. :smile: Derestricted CDI Unit ECU for Honda XL400V Transalp 400V TRANSALP400V 1 Piece | eBay
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    hi all. i'm looking for a Africa Twin XRV 750 CDI. original one. anyone who has the CDI, please kindly leave message or PM me. thanks very much in advance. lixianda
  7. Transalp
    Hi Guys looking for some help/information about ECU's on my tran, I changed them both now and yet again it's playing up as i ride and go to put some more power out it starts to cut out, but if i easy it up slowly it will give me some power. 1. do you think it could be the ECU's again? 2. do i...
  8. Varadero
    HI i have just fitted a remus revolution exhaust system on my bike.:thumbup: honda varadero 1000v fi 06... question took the bike out for a spin today ,low speed ran rough :( but high speed great. like the sound of exhaust when down shifting and giving it :toothy10::toothy10: when i fitted the...
  9. Africa Twin
    About 3 weeks back i was asking for suggestions to get my non-starting rd 07 going. eventually i hoicked it off to the repair shop and they came up with probably the ecu needs replacing, as all else seems fine n dandy. so . . . before i fork out £425 for a new one, is there anyone who lives...
  10. Africa Twin
    G'Day All. Big Greg (SYD AUS) has invited me to an AUS XRV gathering @ Byrock NSW next month (trust me nowhere near Sydney) but AL the XRV is still dead with only the front cyl sparking & no fuel pump or tacho when running on that one cyl. I need a replacement ECU to get it running before I...
  11. Mechanical Advice
    Although the Honda mechanics agrees with me that my 05 Fi Varadero is running a bit rich, he said there is no way he can reset the ECU. He can put it on diagnostic but that's just telling the current state of the bike. Can I reset the ECU myself?
  12. Transalp
    Can any body tell me if you can take the cat out of a 06 Transalp,Is there a lamder probe fitted and is it before or after the cat?, what is the best after market exhaust to fit, Im looking to safe as much wheight as possable. Also can you have them remapped and gain a few BHP? Regards Tay
1-12 of 12 Results