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  1. removing headstock outer race

    trying to remove the headstock bearing outer race on my 2010 700 from the headstock but the inner diameter of the outer race is bigger than the shoulder it sits on :( no edge at all to get to to knock them out. Any tips or tricks ?
  2. North Korea - Anyone worried???

    Are we sitting on the edge of something to worry about or are they setting themselves up to be the punchline of many future jokes?
  3. Calendar

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Is there any chance that people update the calendar with events local or national. I think even the national wasn't in there or am I missing something. As a person on the edge of the mainstream membership and not always online it would be useful. Or am I looking at the wrong calendar?:)
  4. Possible use for ACF50

    Being a lucky boy for Christmas, as well as "Close to the Edge", I had a tin of ACF50. I've sprayed and wiped most of my @ with it, can it be applied to the chain?
  5. SENNA

    I Just watched the last of my Xmas DVD's The SENNA Story. I watched the full 3hrs and think it as good or possibly better than the "Closer to the Edge". It's amazing how much you forget over time i realy did enjoy this one
  6. Riding to Monaco vs not riding

    What would be cheaper do you think? Riding or flying? Flights are around £200 return. Would love to ride but I'm thinking the plane will have the edge in terms of cost and speed :(
  7. Got a problem

    KTM 990Adventure S vs Honda Africa Twin 750 I have had the honda some time , recently got the ktm but cant decide which one to keep ! both have for and against but basically for me its a toy i dont travel on adventures despite all my fantasy plans . Honda , a great fun ride , comfortable ...
  8. Peli cases as panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    After much head-scratching my Dad and I managed to fix a pair of Peli 1430 Cases to my Hepco & Becker pannier rails. The H&B rails look like this: Reasonably low if rather wide. (Most pannier rails are. :violent1: ) Here's the end result; steps to achieve that are below: I'd experimented...
  9. CHEC Round 1, March 9th.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Oww. That sort of sums it up! Apart from that, a fab day. Daz and myself set off about half nine this morning. Quick spin to the site, it's really nice to have an event so close. (Didn't get up 'till about 9!) Sign on, "scrutineering", ie do you have a bike, a helmet and what tyres are on...
  10. XL700 first service report

    My TA has been for its 600 service today. The Givi panniers rails and crash bars still haven't arrived. :cussing: Still, apparently they are easier to fit than the Honda. I looked at a taller Honda screen, a short look at £100 a pop. The dealer prefers the Givi one. They're going to get one in...
  11. Hugger for RD07 Africa Twin

    Product Reviews
    Hugger for RD07/RD07A Africa Twin Hugger for Africa Twin RD07/RD07A This is a mod that I put on my @ back in November 2006 and it has remained on ever since. The hugger is manufactured by a French company called Motax . It is manufactured from fibreglass and only has the smooth black...
  12. I have finally got my first AT!..

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, After two and a half (long) months of searching, I have finally bought an AT! It is standard (apart from topbox) with 13000 miles on the clock. It was the 3rd one I looked at. I bought it from Hereford, its new home is now the edge of Dartmoor. I serviced it shortly after I got...
  13. Morocco Dakar trip pictures.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Part 1 of this report is here MY DAKAR RALLY ADVENTURE WAS SCUPPERED BY TERRORISTS BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE. Hill parking and getting a bump in the morning from Duncan Marakesh square at sunset. Night falls on the...
  14. New 1200 Varadero?

    First i've heard about this, does anyone know if this is true? Cheers! It is expected that Honda will launch an updated version of the road biased adventure bike Varadero this autumn. To get closer to the all conquering BMW R1200GS it is believed the new Varadero will get a more sporty edge...
  15. Oz - Goodbye Sally,A dirt virgin and hello santa claus

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from a hoot of a trip and though I'd share it with you, hope you enjoy. I left Sydney bright and early on the trusty AT750, it was great to be back on the road, almost 2 months since my last ride, musn't leave it that long in the future, even the motoray transport was OK. I was heading...
  16. Shock!

    Africa Twin
    The shock is I managed to get the old shock off Project Zebra and the new one back on. Following advice from Bob, I put some cardboard down (mainly to keep my bum warm when sitting on the ground) and laid the bike down and drowned her in ACF50 overnight. This did indeed loosen up some nuts...
  17. Sette Guadi 2007 -Trescore (Italy)

    Competitions / Trials
    Just thought you might like to see this vid of an amateur enduro race which has been held near Milano a few weeks ago. It's basically a "dedicated" offroad event for big twin enduro bikes with only a mild competitive edge... fun is the key word for the day! Some singles were allowed though, but...
  18. Wish me luck.......I`m just about to WEAR a cup of coffee

    Don`t read this if you have a phobia of dentists........which I do...:sad5: I broke part of a tooth last know,that Muesli Moment....CRUNCH,oh FECK....that wasn`t a piece of nut or seed :( Buggerit.... Whats`s that sharp edge I can feel ??? You guessed it......big chunk of the...
  19. BMW800gs watch out!!!

    Got no idea how true this is but i stumbled across it on the German @ site i got this off: "KTM has decided to fight of the highly anticipated BMW 800GS by launching a pre-emptive strike with their...
  20. pics with a phone camera

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    having got a new mobile, with a camera on it, I thought it was about time I took some pics with it & found out how to a) use it b) transfer the pics to the PC & c) find out if it is any good or not. Looking at the pics, the answer to c is obvious.. NOPE! as a camera its a POS. judge for...