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  1. Africa Twin Was there not a couple of AT's stolen last year in Edinburgh that belonged to German ladies?
  2. Chatter
    In Edinburgh recently there has been a rash of ne'er-do-wells—children, dammit—stealing motorbikes, joyriding with scant regard for anyone or anything, and then burning them to the ground. It seems no-one is safe, particularly in the affected areas. But this report in the Evening News has...
  3. Africa Twin
    Motorbikes stolen on first night of city holiday - Edinburgh Evening News
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Taking the scenic Gairloch - Edinburgh route, really enjoyed the dry singletrack roads after 'biblical' Friday and 'gradually improving' Saturday. Well worth the hour or so's diversion (particularly with new-found confidence in the twisties courtesy Mr Ric Or & his Intiminators!) :)
  5. Chatter
    Anyone here know of a builder who'd fancy a wee building job in Edinburgh? I'm looking for someone to build an extension to my garage which will make it 4M longer. Rendered brick or concrete block 1 window and one single access door Cash job etc....
  6. Travel
    This is kind of a long shot I suppose but I don't know of another place to ask and Edinburgh Airport's own website isn't much help, with precisely one occurrence of the word 'motorbike' in the entire site. Does anyone know if there is any dedicated parking for motorbikes at the place? I've...
  7. Chatter
    As some of you know the BMW disgraced itself on Friday morning and was recovered to Edinburgh Motorrad at lunchtime. I get a call early afternoon saying it will be ready either Friday or Saturday and they would call me back and let me know. Well no call on Friday or Saturday so I eventually...
  8. XR
    I really need your help! I bought an xr400 running rough in last year and decided to powder coat frame and get engine checked over. Engine needed a new conrod as discovered it already had new piston, instant gasket all over the place from previous owner. Its not starting at all now. Had the head...
  9. Spotted
    Africa Twins in Edinburgh Anyone here riding east from the mini roundabout at Hermitage Drive in Edinburgh this morning, back of 09.30? Big ol' RWB like mine but with shiny steel engine bars. I was in the car, in...cognito, because I've hurt my knee with too much cycling. :mad:
  10. Chatter
    Some of you may be aware of the current Edinburgh Trams fiasco where we are spending millions reintroducing trams (well one line only now). This sums it up rather nicely. YouTube - Edinburgh Trams Fiasco
  11. The Longest Day
    Well, it's almost here so this is the central comms thread where rider updates and any text pictures will be posted.
  12. The Longest Day
    here already - travelodge is pretty good, it absolutely proper proper pissed down all the way up from kendal but bright blue skies now - just off to find decent food and drinking holes whilst all my kit dries out - see you all soon....... sean
  13. Chatter
    Warning to all TLD'ers. Do not leave your drinks bottle on show on your bike in Edinburgh.:D
  14. The Longest Day
    Now I'm not doing the whole run so have missed out on all the comms form the committee but I was hoping to catch up with as many of you as possible for a social interaction (beer and coffee) before the event. I know some of you are staying at Mortonhall campsite and others at the Travellodge in...
  15. The Longest Day
    I'm heading up on the morning of the 17th as I have booked the hotel for 3 nights - my missus will be flying up on wed afternoon and will be flying home on the sat morn. anyone else fancy coming up on the wednesday??
  16. The Longest Day
    For those of you wishing to avoid the Motorway I took a run down the A71 to Troon today. I followed this route. The route itself is pretty simple ans once you reach point B on the map you are on the A71 and you simply stay on the road pretty much all the way to Troon. Once you near Troon the...
  17. The Longest Day
    Has anyone checked that we can still get vehicle access to the Castle esplanade these days? The Castle is still a working army barracks and the esplanade used to be the car park for castle visitors but something is nagging at the back of my mind that makes me think for security reasons it is...
  18. The Longest Day
    Details for the Edinburgh hotel seem to pop up all over the place, so here’s a thread just for them… Winxp-master- Accommodation, I think quite a few are staying in the West End Travelodge I think it's only about 1 mile from Edinburgh...
  19. Travel
    I'll be camping the night before the TLD charity ride, i beleive we are setting off from Edinburgh castle and i know a few are staying in the West End Tavelodge so.... Can any of our Scottish brothers recommend a good campsite to pitch a tent close to either of those two? I was thinking of...
  20. Past National Meets
    Is anybody leaving from or traveling down past Edinburgh and fancys meeting up, Im looking at going down the A7 and keeping off the M roads best i can. (been there before but will prob get lost). :fart:
1-20 of 21 Results