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  1. Efficient RPM???

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys so I have slighlty bigger jets on my rd07a and the produro pipe (love the vtwin sound with that pipe ) Anyway I have the standard 45 tooth sproket on the rear and the oem one infront, got a long trip planned and need to economise on fuel so whats the best crusing RPM's for this that...
  2. Why two spark plugs per cylinder?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know why there's two plugs per cylinder (apart from "Thats how Honda designed it"). Trying to think of a technical reason. I guess its probably just for a more efficient burn?? The guy I bought the bike off suggested that one was "redundant" even though it ran all the time, & was...
  3. Mixing brake hoses

    Mechanical Advice
    Anybody has any experience or problems with mixing rubber hoses with braided Lines? I've never mixed i always just replace the lot in one hit, but i have to do a top yoke conversion on the wife' SV650 and the top line from the master cylinder will be to short. She says she only want to do the...
  4. So pi**ed offf, waiting for new number plates

    So my employer decides to ask me to purchase a vehicle for the company...we choose the vehicle....can you believe it, it takes 7 days + to get the vehicle licensed and to get plates to get it on the inefficient can you be? how long does it take for you to register a new vehicle in...
  5. Punctuation is important.

    My daughter's homework comprised two sentences which she was to punctuate in order to give different results. They were; A woman without her man is hopeless and Pardon impossible. To be sent to Siberia (apparently written by Tzar Alexander III as a death sentence) Can you do it...
  6. Making The Alp more fuel Efficient

    Hozit All Does anybody know if or how you can make the TA more fuel efficient ? at the moment I'm getting about 16km/L that translates to about 250 odd km per tank commuting in a very conservative riding style. I have read somewhere that you can replace the stock carburator jets with slightly...