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  1. Varadero
    Hello Friends, I just bought 2004 vara also made one order for lowering kit from and it's on its way question is :) which side stand i can use instead of mine ? not the CBF as it's not avalibale back home ( Egypt ) i'm not going to fit the lowering kit i will see if i can live...
  2. Africa Twin
    hi all maybe its an old repeated topic , i would like to know the best oil for my At its around 38000 miles and i leave in Egypt (hot climate ) average of 30s year round its hardly to get motorbike oil over here so i use cars oil any hint what is the best oil for it so i can get much much...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all as i was lazy member here please forgive me and will start to be more active here is why i love AT its my own thoughts so hope you like it also here is a link to my page on face book about my travel trying to go all around the world please support me and give it a biiiiiig like and spread...
  4. Travel
    Hi all planning a trip ,by end of June ,starting from Egypt ,then Libya,Tunisia then Ferry boat to France ,then ,my plans are open , any one will be around ? any one wants to join? plwease i need some infos about the ferry boat from Tunisia to France cheers Omar