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  1. 84-yr-old takes on 2 robbers

    Heart-warming story from Australia Elderly resident fights off armed intruders: police
  2. MRSA

    Ive just buried an uncle. Elderly man, farmer, hard as nails. Never a days sick in his 80 odd years - typical farmer mindset, didnt hold with all those quacks and illness malarky. He had an accident - Went into hospital for an operation - and mrsa got him. The hospital he went into was my...
  3. The fragility of life

    ... on friday last in between interviewing staff I had a quick meeting with one of our managers. Afterwards I walked her out to the door, enjoying a bit of a laugh and a joke as you do. That night, friday, she was taking some of the elderly patients to a concert - and by all accounts they had a...
  4. Swingtime Bikes

    A patient of ours died recently - no family contact and only an elderly relative. Elderly relative asked if I and the team would organise the funeral. Knowing the sort of person she was, we organised a New Orleans Jazz/ragtime band to lead the cortege - they were awesome, but what made me smile...
  5. First few weeks with my new AT

    Africa Twin
    Just thought i would share my observations about my @ (try to stay awake at the back) Always loved the @,always wanted one but never got around to getting my licence,finally this year i did! As soon as i saw Muzz's for sale i rang him and now its mine :p First impression was 'Jesus its a...
  6. Is there no such thing as an accident any more??

    Just overheard on the news something about a police officer being sued for bumping into an elderly lady while in persuit of a criminal. She was injured apparently. The court found he was, get this ''running too fast''!!!!!! WTF !!!!! and he was in breach of his duty of care to this elderly lady...
  7. Africa Turin?

    Africa Twin
    I had a very odd conversation with a elderly lady who asked me if i was going from Africa to Italy on my bike, after some head scratching i realised she refering to the the fairing stickers which can be misread as Africa Turin. I explained it actually read Africa Twin and that it was the model...
  8. Fire in the hole!

    Africa Twin
    Untill recently my bike was kept in a nice warm garage. It was great, easy winter starting, nice & dry etc. Now its out in the cold & suffering a bit. On particularly cold mornings it is quite reluctant to start, taking quite a while on the starter button (ie a few seconds rather than...