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    Heart-warming story from Australia Elderly resident fights off armed intruders: police
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    Ive just buried an uncle. Elderly man, farmer, hard as nails. Never a days sick in his 80 odd years - typical farmer mindset, didnt hold with all those quacks and illness malarky. He had an accident - Went into hospital for an operation - and mrsa got him. The hospital he went into was my...
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    ... on friday last in between interviewing staff I had a quick meeting with one of our managers. Afterwards I walked her out to the door, enjoying a bit of a laugh and a joke as you do. That night, friday, she was taking some of the elderly patients to a concert - and by all accounts they had a...
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    A patient of ours died recently - no family contact and only an elderly relative. Elderly relative asked if I and the team would organise the funeral. Knowing the sort of person she was, we organised a New Orleans Jazz/ragtime band to lead the cortege - they were awesome, but what made me smile...
  5. Africa Twin
    Just thought i would share my observations about my @ (try to stay awake at the back) Always loved the @,always wanted one but never got around to getting my licence,finally this year i did! As soon as i saw Muzz's for sale i rang him and now its mine :p First impression was 'Jesus its a...
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    Just overheard on the news something about a police officer being sued for bumping into an elderly lady while in persuit of a criminal. She was injured apparently. The court found he was, get this ''running too fast''!!!!!! WTF !!!!! and he was in breach of his duty of care to this elderly lady...
1-6 of 30 Results