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  2. RD03 - What do these electrical bits do?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm trying to work out what a couple of the electrical components on my RD03 are doing. I would like to carry spares for all of the 'game over' failure parts when touring. I don't understand why the indicator relays have two different part numbers, anyone got a clue? 38301KJ6743 -...
  3. flat spot

    My 600 (1987) developed a flat spot this afterrnoon, around 4,500 revs she bogs down momentarily before picking up again. It feels like fuel starvation, except that she'll then shoot round to the red line with no problem. So, given that 90% of carburetor problems turn out to be electrical...
  4. Need some help

    I need a bit of specialist advice regarding my sons Yamaha DT 125 LC project so if Nick in Brum shows up in any of the posts could you kindly ask him to PM me or send me his e mail address..We are having electrical issues and Nick knows about these bikes...I have sent a PM to him but he hasnt...
  5. Xr250 help

    Africa Twin
    On a recent trip to Wales my trusty 94 xr250 let me down. Just before it stopped all the electrics stopped but it was still running. Then it stopped, I've got spark and had some little fires but not enough to run. And some wierd back fires. Its think it's a electrical problem I'm...
  6. Carburettor wires????

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. I’m building a scrambler / flat tracker from my FMX 650. My standard carb has two sets of electrical connections on it. What are these electrical connections for, what do they do??? I have a Keihen FCR flatslide carb to go on the bike when I’m finished the build but this carb doesn’t...
  7. 1980 xl500s

    Hi, I've just joined and am finding my way around . Looked far and wide for a long time to get a 70's XL but luckily I managed to buy my 1980 XL500s from someone a few streets away. Only issue I have that's recently arisen is an electrical one and have a new battery on order. Sent from my...
  8. Honda xlr125 no spark

    Hi ,I have rebuilt my Honda xlr125 after it had been stood 6 years , everything electrical works but I have no spark at the plug,I have checked the obvious things but still no spark any ideas. Regards Spunkdaddy
  9. Unusual electrical problem

    Hi guys, New to the forum and hoping it will be very useful. I have a 1978 XL250 with an electrical issue i cant work out. My neutral light and horn will only work when the brake light is on. Also the back light isnt working at all. I have changed the rear bulb and checked the inline fuse...
  10. Electrical problem with my rebuild

    Hi I have got most things working following my rebuild. The only niggling thing I seem to be left with is that the engine will turn over and start when the start button switch is in the off position as well as the on position. I must have a wire crossed over somewhere, but I have checked...
  11. Electrical connectors for the CDI (RD03)

    Africa Twin
    The last owner bodged the connection to one of the CDI units (1st image) and it is starting to cause a problem, I might change the CDI and I would like to get some waterproof connectors like the original ones (2nd image), does anyone know what these are called or where I can buy them?
  12. Stator issue

    Hello friends, just been arrived from a 3200kms trip arround pyrenees. When I got home after 800kms with arround 36degrees, my battery went almost flat. Ive been following the electrical fault-find pdf and the stator at 2500-3000rpm, two phases give me 55volts AC and one 75AC... Also, when I...
  13. Weird electrical problem

    Dominator / FMX
    I have an electrical problem which is getting progressively worse. It started off not wanting to start on the odd occasion - unless i turned the lights on and then off again - then starter would run. then it did it all the time. Have to flash the lights before starting. Now indicators wont...
  14. worlds greatest motorcycle rides

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone else watch Henry Cole's 'Worlds greatest motorcycle rides'? He was armed with the new Africa Twin in last nights episode, the first time he has ever used one of the big four manufacturers bikes in any show. He was very impressed with it, as if he could be anything else apart from...
  15. What's this ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all , I'm having electrical gremlins with my 2000 XRV750. The bike had an alarm system that was disabled prior to my purchase but I think some vestiges of that system remain. Can anyone identify if the photo above is a stock component? Thanks Ron Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  16. Starting problems (electrical)

    Hi My 87 TA has developed a problem when trying to start. Basically when you press the start button, there is a 'pop' and sometimes a small puff of smoke near the starter solenoid area. This in turn seems to discharge the battery. I have replaced the solenoid but its still doing it. I have the...
  17. dead transalp?

    Hi peeps, I'm new to this forum and wonder if anyone can help me with this. Went to start the bike yesterday, so I turn the key, it goes through it's self test thing, then I hear a quiet electrical sort of thud, then nothing. No display, nothing. I've tried disconnecting the battery then...
  18. Gearchange activating mainbeam??

    As the title, when I'm driving with a dipped headlamp sometimes this will switch to mainbeam when I change gear. This will only last for a second and reverts back to dipped once the gearchange is completed. It does not happen with every gearchange and can occur in any gear moving up or down the...
  19. LED WIng Mirror wiring to existing indicators - HELP!!!!!

    Hi All Been a while since I posted a thread, but before I took the plunge and had a crack myself, I thought I would seek some advice regarding wiring some LED wing mirrors into the existing front indicators. So, I don't need a resistor (that much I do know) but I don't really have any...
  20. Electrical Fault.

    How to.....
    Hi, I have a electrical fault on my RD07 AT. the battery keeps going flat. It's fine when I ride the bike frequently but if not it appears ok then all of a sudden after a couple of days it drops the charge and goes flat. I have been leaving it on the optimisor/charger for the winter but...