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  1. Dominator front brake

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone suggest where I can get a front brake hose for my Dommie, I would rather not have braided because I dont like the feel of them. One end is a banjo and the other end is a two part bolt fitting. I just went to my local bike shop and he quoted me £50 plus vat which wound me right up. I...
  2. amr racing coil

    Dominator / FMX
    i have purchased a racing coil from amr it says it will fit a dominator nx650 my question is my ignition coil has a black bullet connector and an earth wire the amr only has a single yellow and black wire , spade connection i do not want to fit it and fry my electrics (i am old school "joe...
  3. electrickery question on 30a fuse for rec/reg

    Africa Twin
    I have a mosfet rec/reg fitted with the 30a fuse etc and all runs fine. I had left the bike for a while and the battery ran flat - just not enough juice to turn over. Got the bike running off the jump leads and then noticed the battery fluid was low. Topped up with cold boiled water and that...
  4. Road Book Scroller

    Bodgers Corner
    For the Pyrenees trip I needed to install a roadbook holder Due to the cost of the electrickery ones I opted for a manual one They supplied a mount that the scroller ran through that was meant to be fitted direct to the handlebar. This would mean removing the switchgear so I made up a faux bar...
  5. new electrickery parts

    Dominator / FMX
    i am looking to renew some parts of the electrical parts of the bike bacause i dont know when they were done, i have a 1988 domi want a reg coil start relay and solinoid and other parts, just wondering where would be a good place to get new honda parts from with out paying silly money, any help...
  6. Bike Electrickery Qs

    I'm just planning a couple of jobs for the Transrat, one of which is modifying the wiring loom by chopping the bundles of cables & connectors to fit the lack of fairing. :rolleyes: But While I can get by and understand DC electrics reasonably well, can anyone shed any light or have any tips...
  7. Help the black art of electrickery

    Hi guys, i've got a XL600 which seems to have a charging problem. The battery shows 12.95 volts when the bike is not running but when i start the engine it drops down to 12.50 volts the headlight goes brighter with the engine running but anything over 3k revs and the lights start to flash but...
  8. Extra Electrickery

    Having fitted HG (really Oxford) heated grips, which are fine, and a battery charger socket ('cos the old faired BM is sooo tempting this weather and the Alp gets left in the shed a bit more than it deserves) It occurred to me that there must be a tidy way of adding fused extra take-offs to my...
  9. TA 650 electrickery!!!

    After having to push start my bike again last night I have finally admitted that my battery has seen the end of its days. However, until I had gone a reasonable distance my indicators would flash fast as if a bulb was gone, my lights were noticably dimmer and my heated grips wouldn't come on...
  10. KTM electrickery

    Mechanical Advice
    Sorry of this has been posted before: "KTM has announced that it plans to have this electric enduro motorcycle in production within two years."
  11. electrickery

    Thanks to Stormforce for his syncopated soldering skills on the Zebra on Sunday. I had to take down a generator for the National Meet so he agreed to help with wiring. In between bouts of laughter at my own attempts he managed to neatly solder and shrink-wrap everything and made my spaghetti...
  12. wiring and electrickery

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to wire in a Nippy Norman fuse box from an ignition powered source. I can find a powered source OK and take a feed off it, but.... I keep hearing about relays. What benefit does that add? What should I buy and how do I wire it in?
  13. electrickery wizard required...........

    Africa Twin
    This is a strange one.......... Both dipped beams have stopped working (main beam still works on both)- checked the bulbs - they're both fine. Does anyone have any suggestions - I'm not doing anything with it until tomorrow. I'll probably trace the wires back and make sure everythings...
  14. Electrickery

    Dominator / FMX
    So the dommie was being silly recently, sometimes not cranking over and such, and having the blinkers on the blink when running off the battery at low revs/idle... Bother, sez I. So off came the seat, to have a look at the likeliest suspect, the area around the starter relay and main fuse. The...
  15. Electrickery problem

    Africa Twin
    Went to start the @, turned the alarm off, turned the key and nothing, no electrics whatsoever. Main fuse I thought. Took of the LHS rear cover, took off the relay connector, checked fuse and it was OK. Put the fuse back in, reconnected the relay and I now have electrics. There was a bit...