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  1. Africa Twin
    I'm taking delivery of a new 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sport this afternoon but I won't be getting the owners manual until later next week. Do you know where to get an electronic copy of the owners manual and also how do you run-in the engine on the new bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD A 1956 AJS Model 30 600cc Twin, Jampots, Burman gearbox, tin primary chaincase, 6v electrics (electronic regulator), prop stand. 2 previous keepers, an older restoration by the previous owner and used lightly but regularly by him until I purchased it earlier this year. It starts easily and...
  3. Africa Twin
    I am extremely touchy when it comes to reproduced stickers. Been working for 20 years as an art director and can easily make the difference between superb and the rest. I can reproduce the logos with Illustrator myself (been using it since 1987), but perhaps good exemples already exist. Who has...
  4. Africa Twin
    It must be the time of year seems to be a few tripmeter problems on here at the moment and i got one this morning, turned the ignition on and was greeted with the flashing clock i reset it and turned the ignition on and off to be greeted with the flashing clock again. This happens every time now...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    I'm trying to fix a volume control for a Creative speaker set and I need to replace the variable resistor. Anyone any idea where I can get this part from ? I've tried looking on the 'net, but so far i haven't found anything. Any help/suggestions gratefully received.
  6. XR
    I have a Japanese Import Honda XR250, And I am having a problem with the electronic speedo not turning on. I have check for loose connections and all of that, but still no joy. Any ideas? Thanks, Joe
  7. Varadero
    Hi, Quite new to the Varo so just a precaution. Could I charge the battery on the bike all connected or should I disconnect it (using Ctek charger). Does removing the battery lead to resetting any electronic stuff that needs to be adjusted afterwards or similar issue ? Probably basic questions...
  8. Varadero
    Has anyone made one of these devices? The Alpentourer - Possi's electronic motorbike fuel meter installed at a Honda Varadero Doesn't look too hard to make. Looks interesting - why did Honda not see fit to put a fuel gauge on the Vara ???!?!?!!
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi guys , i was just wondering has anyone ever used one of these units to balance carbs and if so what were the results .. cheers :thumb:
  10. Africa Twin
    ;) I watched a TV progamme on the Discovery Channel entiteled "A MG is borne" with Mark Evans. In this programme they renovated the whole car of cause but what interessed me was that they converted the standard MG fuel pump with ignition points to an electronic pump using a conversion kit...
  11. Africa Twin
    Does anyone know where I can get instructions for the trip meter. I thought I could sort it out for myself but I'm clearly too thick! Regard, Richard
1-11 of 12 Results