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  1. RD03 Airbox Element seal configuration

    Africa Twin
    Need some help getting my element seal in my airbox. When I got the bike,it had a K&N so I've had to buy the new parts. The fiche is helpful, but when I went to install, it all became a bit of a puzzle getting the rubber seal in and then installing the element filter..... Can anyone tell me...
  2. RD03 Seal Element (Part #17213MM9300)

    Africa Twin
    Looking for the filter element and after checking Wemoto, Rugged Roads and CMSNL, I cannot seem to locate. Anyone have any ideas or perhaps one you could part with? Thx
  3. Wanted: Wanted - Tubular steel pannier frame.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a steel frame that can be adapted to fit onto my NX400 with some home brew bracketry. Not really bothered about a rear rack element. Givi mountings a real plus as I could then use my old panniers off the Vara Rusty or a bit battered is OK. WHY please?? The alternative is...
  4. Is there an aftermarket air filter for 650 Transalp? The holy grail is a washable one

    The paper element air filter in my 650 TA is on its last legs. I moved from the UK to Aus a few years ago, so I get to trailride in deserts occaisionally, which means that cleaning the airfilter can be a daily task as they get really clogged on the very dry dusty days. The ideal would be one...
  5. Reusable oil filter

    Mechanical Advice
    Has any one used one of these David Silver Spares - Honda XRV750W AFRICA TWIN 1998 Oil filter . any good ?. I use Honda OEM filters, but at £11 each, and me obsessed with changing oil and filter long before the recommended interval, this could work out not that expensive in the long run...
  6. O'Neal Element MX Boots

    Im looking to get someone a set of O'Neal Element motocross boots for there birthday in a size 11 but i cant seem to find any instock anywhere, ive only been looking online cause i wont get any time to go get any, does anyone have any ideas where to look, ive browsed ebay but no luck, looking...
  7. The @ in it's element

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, With the promise of strong winds and heavy downpour, it was with great delight I awoke to find good visibility, light cloud and no rain. This meant that a ride up the North Antrim Coast Road was on! I had been invited along after telling a friend about putting the Africa Twin back on...
  8. Africa Twin in its element

    I want a go, I want a go! :p:p:p A nice easy track for the @ :rolleyes::D:D:D