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  1. Almost 11

    Here I am, alive on an island in the Middlesea. An island, a world, a history of conflict. It's almost eleven a.m.
  2. Salisbury Plain Dec' 2007

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A great day was had by all (except perhaps Geoff), excellent route thanks to Barftone and the weather held out for us. Ready for the off at Warminster services..... A good turnout of fourteen riders and eleven were on Hondas !!! We rode up to Imber village which is only open at this...
  3. good news guys and gals !!

    Africa Twin
    chad has one foot firmly back in the honda camp :teeth: ( or is that camp cos i now got a honda too :lol: :lol: :lol: ) anyway after a trip up to pussyhorses pad the rd03 has been seen and money has changed hands a deal has been struck :teeth: :teeth: there is one sorry looking @ thats...
  4. Portable Bike BBQ

    I know its not very fancy or high tec but its small!! and not one of these one of jobs and the best its only 1 POUND AND ELEVEN PENCE and it fits into my paniers :lol: :lol:
  5. Natural talent

    I was bored and browsing the internet and i came across this site. In this day and age of over paid talentless so called 'celebs' this young girl would put many of these pricks to shame. Its not my type of music or my type of song, I am mainly into rock/punk. But i am a sucker for a good...
  6. wish you had a harley?

    north carolina, deals gap 318 corners in eleven miles! not a good idea on a harley cruiser! check out the dumbarse! look at me on my breand new road king classic wots that funny noise i can hear and why wont my hawg turn in! i really reall wish i woz wearing more than a cap sleeve t shirt...
  7. leguna motoGP woz "fixed"

    Africa Twin
    Laguna Conspiracy Theory The race was fixed. (Scene: in the Yamaha garage, roughly twenty minutes before the sighting lap for the MotoGP race. Valentino motions Colin over to the corner of the garage just out of everyone's earshot) VALE: Colin, diss eess a beddy important race for Amedica...
  8. just went for a ride!

    Africa Twin
    1000 miles, 4 states, on my new toy, monster S4R (yea yea i know its not an AT) left atlanta early and went for a ride thru the mountains of nth georgia, tennesee, sth carolina and nth carolina, bike woz excellent even comfy, did deals gap, 316 turns in eleven miles, kinda fun but a little...