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  1. Elf and safety

    I love the way she has the toddler hold the baby, Les côtes de la Baltique - YouTube
  2. Anyone going from Bedford to London

    I had lad paid to deliver parts for a member here, but he didnt get to deliver them to london. instead elft them in bedford. If anyone is passing by that way and would kindly pick up a large box (full if africa twin fairings) and heading towards north london coudl then PM me or even Oloff on...
  3. Hey BobA

    Recognise anyone?? Enjoy :D YouTube - Alizée HD - Origin WOW World Of Warcraft Night Elf Female Dance - J'en Ai Marre
  4. Africa Twin Stop-Go

    Africa Twin
    Ahem... some time ago I posted a thread regarding a fault on my AT whereby the bike would cut out intermittently... sometimes refusing to go into gear without stalling. Those of you kind enough to respond with suggestions may like to hear how this baffling puzzle was resolved. Africa Twins have...
  5. My AT died and then resuscitated itelf

    Africa Twin
    Tootling along at 70mph on my beloved AT this morning and all was well. Suddenly it simply died (for want of a better description). Engine lost all power, almost like running out of petrol. It wasn't the petrol because I'd just filled up. I'd only been on the road for about 20 mins or so. I...