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  1. Eliminate the CDI as an issue on your bike.

    Dominator / FMX
    I have an eBay NX650 CDI unit that was given to me by JamieB and I would like to offer to the forum members to be shared to eliminate CDI issues on your bike. If you are having issues and suspected the CDI, PM me and I’ll send you the unit. Once you’re done send it back or pass it on to the...
  2. XL500s-Z crank case breather

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi all - I have a US spec '79 XL500s-Z and I want to eliminate the US crankcase breather/collector, does the UK version have a plain pipe from crank case to air inlet rubber? Has anybody any other solution? thanks!!
  3. Won't tick over when hot

    Africa Twin
    Sorry for the 'very basic heading but thought I would go straight to the point. Have got a 98 A T, and have just returned from a 12 day trip to Spain. Since being away the bike has developed an issue when standing on tick over. The bike will start first thing in the morning and run fine. Rides...
  4. Original choke cable

    Dominator / FMX
    does any1 know where I can get the original choke cable assembly for a 1988 nx650? is there a way to eliminate this. For example just plug the portion of the carburetor?
  5. I need rubbers

    Africa Twin
    Now that I have your attention. Having finished refurb'ing my carbs I need to put everything back together. However, Honda are no longer making the two front filter box too carb rubbers, so original units are out, which leaves me with a dilemma! Are there any aftermarket suppliers for these...
  6. Electrics maintenance RD04

    Africa Twin
    My new Mosfet arrived from the states today. OEM's working fine but will keep as a spare now. Been looking through the posts regarding this unit for some easy to explain pictures of the unit fitted but only come up with wiring diagrams which look to be fairly straight forward. Whilst I'm...
  7. RD04 Rally build

    Africa Twin
    So... Decided to give the bike a serious rework to freshen her up. This is the thread to share pictures and stuff... My bike gets used in anger off road. She'll be getting raced next year so time for some TLC and a weight loss program. I have been using her pretty much completely off road...
  8. HUMM 2015

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Here’s some thoughts and photos from this year's Horizons Unlimited Morocco Madness. The 2011 event was going to be the last under the Horizons Unlimited banner, however never say never, and with a move from the Pyrenees to Ifrane in the Middle Atlas, the event was back. Grant and Susan Johnson...
  9. Instrument panel faulty

    HI I have had an ongoing problem with my instrument panel going wonky. At present the instrument panel has power and the lights are on but the rev counter is stationary, no speedo, no fuel gauge, no odometer ect. There are occasions when I'm on the bike and for a brief second the rev counter...
  10. Who has a Hyperpro rear shock installed on their AT?

    Africa Twin
    I am wondering if anyone here has installed a Hyperpro shock to their AT. I ask because, as I went to install the shock on my RD03, I realized that: 1. The bottom bolt they've sent is far too long and would hit the linkage arm (ok, easy fix, just cut the bolt). 2. The nut they've sent to be used...
  11. Africa wont start.

    Africa Twin
    Hello all. Im new here and its a pleasure to join this community :thumb: I have an XRV 750 africa twin year model 1996. Yesterday i was offrodin' for about 2 hours. I climded up a hill and the bike shut down suddenly. Iv tried to start it again and noting - no starter what so ever. All dashboard...
  12. xrv750 rd07 reg/rec

    Africa Twin
    Before I bought my AT I'd checked out weaknesses and they seem to be reg/rec and fuel pump. I want to eliminate these two weaknesses prior to a big trip. Fuel pump I'll ask about on a different thread but would love some advice on reg/rec here. This is the rectifier on my bike and I think it's...
  13. Running Issues!

    Mechanical Advice
    The new to me vfr 750 has a misfire/stumble when hot & accelerating. Prior to my purchase on Saturday the carbs were cleaned & plugs checked. Since then I have given the bike; *Oil & filter change *Checked plugs - 1 was cracked so replaced it (Halfords only had the 1!) * checked & cleaned/...
  14. WP Forks steering lock

    Africa Twin
    Ok so have machine up new steering/ignition lock mount anyone have one made so i can eliminate mistakes when i am making it
  15. Crosstourer has landed

    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  16. Revenge on the Telemarketer

    Just seen this on ABR and thought I would repost it here Three Little Words That Work!! (1) The three little words: 'Hold On, Please...' Saying this, while putting down your phone and walking off (instead of hanging-up immediately) would make each telemarketing call so much more...
  17. New to XRV, New to me RD03

    Africa Twin
    I've been lurking while I shopped for an AT. I finally got my hands on a 1990 RD03. It's in pretty decent shape, fairings and panels are all in good shape (will need some paint) and I'm pretty sure one of the CDIs needs to be replaced. I've read through some of the awesome projects here...
  18. intermittent 'misfiring' ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys. Last couple of times I have taken the bike out it seems to have developed an intermittent misfire. Which seems really hard to pinpoint, since it is intermittent! Merrily thumping along when drops into misfiring, chugs down to a stop, and then have to wait / try repeatedly for 10 mins...
  19. starter problems

    Dominator / FMX
    my dominator has developed a starter problem , with the starter motor fitted to the bike ,all i get is a click from the solenoid,when i press the button, if i remove the starter motor from the bike ,but leave it attatched to the cables, it spins like a good un when i press the button, the...
  20. Pilot screw broken off

    Africa Twin
    I tried to adjust the pilot screws on my carbs ( I know they are factory set but I was checking they were where they are supposed to be to eliminate it as a cause of a little over rich running) Anyhow I got a right angled bit holder with a screwdriver head and attempted to turn - turn it did...