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  1. Sir Edmund Hillary Dies today

    A true legend and one of my heros. Story here (Seattle Times 11/1/08 )
  2. Pink Way Around "Lucky Sevens Challenge"

    Past Charity Events
    As some of you know Mabel, along with six other ladies, is undertaking a charity ride in July. It will be a challenging trip for them because I've seen a copy of the planned route. I've pasted it here for you all to see. If anybody is interested in the whole publicity pack let me know. Day...
  3. Doing it again

    I have been talked into doing a bike challenge around the coast of britain again this year, it is called Lucky Sevens: the 2007 Charity Challenge is announced.. The principle challenge involves 7 women, two of whom are Breast Cancer Survivors. • THE CHALLENGE To ride their bikes for 7 days...
  4. Antibes and back - thumping through France

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My first major off-island expedition on the Dominatrix, apart from a long weekend in Yorkshire a few weeks ago. The holiday started well with gear and clutch issues – the clutch was replaced (ouch, money :( ) and the gear lever turned out to be held on to the shaft with a grub bolt – the...