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  1. XL
    Hi all, i am having problems finding a 250 motosport emblem to fit the silencer heat shield on my latest resto. Does anyone know where i can buy one either new or used. thanks, Paul.
  2. News
    What is the connection between motorcycles and airplanes? Growing up with a father who was fascinated by both, my youth was spent scouring the countryside for dusty barn finds, spinning a greasy wrench and flying, in the air and on the ground, wind in my face. It seemed that most of my dad's...
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Transalp XL 600 V-X 2000 50th Anniversary Model 40,000mi with a new engine with only 30,000mi £1800 My Visa is up and I have to return to Australia, therefore I'm selling my beloved Transalp. Collectors edition with Commemorative emblem on side of tank and on keys Liquid-cooled...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    On Sunday took a little run out with eldest offspring to Aviemore, where there was a gathering of thundering American twins – Hardleys! You’ll be glad to know that no pictures of obese riders on over-dressed cruisers where taken . . . . . . just some big trailies on some dirt . . . . ...
  5. Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys. Has anyone recently bought a JT rear sprocket for their AT??? I ask because the shop I ordered mine from had loads of other bikes rear sprockets in stock. They come in a branded JT sprockets plastic bag and the sprocket has a serial number stamped into it along with a sun type emblem...
  6. Discounts / Deals
    It's Opie Oils competition time again! This time we're giving away £150 voucher to spend at Opie Oils, PLUS 2 runners up prizes of £50 and £25 voucher to spend as you wish at Opie Oils. Free to enter, no purchase necessary. How to win it? Easy! Just let us know which iconic vehicles does...
  7. Varadero
    I humbly seek the advice / experience of the assembled cognocenti - is that enough @ss kissing? I'm considering fitting a gear indicator 'cause my short term memory is getting dreadful erm where was I :confused: , can't see the tach numbers without counting from zero without my readers on, Oh...
1-7 of 8 Results