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  1. 700 Top end on a 650 ?

    Has anybody attempted or know if it's possible to fit the 700 4 valve heads and barrels to a 650 Transalp ?
  2. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Anyone tempted, or uses one on their bike? Experiences or views ?
  3. Gone to the Dark Side

    Never thought I'd be posting here but yes the Dark Side has tempted me to this
  4. to buy or not to buy.advice please

    Africa Twin
    lads what you reckon,up for £2200 this has got to be worth a look,i,m very tempted.
  5. Old or New XR250

    Hi, Other than looks, is there any particular reason to go for a 96 onwards model? The older ones seem to be a bit cheaper and am quite tempted.... Thanks, Daniel
  6. Failed

    Mechanical Advice
    Both my babies failed thier MOT's today :( Florrie on front Wheel bearing and steering head bearings and front brakes binding Twinkletoes on steering head bearings. Got them ordered and will be delievered Tuesday so J's going to have a busy week. Just as well or I may have been tempted to...
  7. Ride-on tyre sealant

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Although I'm tempted to get some tyre levers and carry a spare tube for my upcoming camping trip, I've never needed to replace a tube or tyre yet and not so confident of my ability to break the bead and sort it all out on the roadside. I'll probably give this a try myself when it comes to...
  8. T'day, I have mostly been winchin'....

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Here is a post I put in my Ural forum (Actually I DO have a life thank you very much....). Thought some bored people might enjoy the read..... Armed with a rope, a winch, my knobbly spare and bit of boredom on a Friday, off I went to explore some of the wooded areas around Tallinn. I turned...
  9. This is one cool tent!

    Chatter If I didn't have a tent already (that I'd spent good money on), I'd be tempted to buy one of these... Although I'm not sure they're of any use in Scotland (not many trees in the highlands, are there)... JB
  10. Numpty question about headlight wattage

    Africa Twin
    I've got an old 1990 Africa twin with the bosch bayonet (ba20d) connectors in. When looking around for some replacement bulbs I notice that there's a range of wattages available, and also some halogen ones on ebay (made by ring that I seem to remember reading somewhere were a decent make). The...
  11. Vara vs Tiger 1050

    Had a test drive of the 1050 Tiger over the weekend, and a chance to compare the two round a 20-mile circuit from Rochdale out over the moors and back down Calderdale. Quite liked the Tiger, it felt so much more like a sports bike, but I was surprised to find that I was travelling faster round...
  12. is it wrong?????

    i do love my Vara but i've seen this on the web and i'm tempted! whaddaya think?
  13. Oh man look what I've found

    It's in Cardiff a bit overpriced but immaculate FSH etc. I'm sooooooooo tempted
  14. Help me choose a headlight bulb RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Still fiddling around with my headlights, and hopefully the bulbs that I've taken out to check and refit will be OK for now, but I'm going to see if I can find locally or order some replacements just incase so if these don't work I can drop the new ones in. My bike's an RD04 italian import, so...
  15. Ligher fluid/Naptha for cleaning bulbs?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hoping you guys can help me out. I've finally managed to get a bit of free time to sort my headlights out (think i had them in upside down) and I want to clean the bulbs, but don't seem to be able to find any isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to clean them with as recommended. I've got a tin of naptha...
  16. Bash Plate

    Does any one know if there is an ali or metal engine bash plate for the varadero XL 1000 available or has any body attempted to make one ?
  17. Spokeless wheels for Transalp

    Hello all. Its refeshing to find a forum with a difference and free from turgid banter. Has anyone changed, or know how to change wheels on a Transalp for spokless ones? I would like to fit tubeless tyres. I am tempted by one of these bikes, but as I do a great variety of riding being without...
  18. Pee'd off with Power Socket

    I've been riding around for more than a year on an Aprilia Sportcity scooter. This has a 12v cigar lighter socket rated at 180 watts. I use this to plug in a tyre inflator and keep the tyre pressures correct. I just got a Transalp (new xl650v) and this did not have a socket - so I ordered the...
  19. Another Yedi tempted to the Dark Side

  20. FILM: Sweeny Todd

    I hate musicals, in fact I've always hated musicals and have found very few that would make me sit down for 2 hours and watch it. BUT!!!! Sweeny Todd was great....upto, after and not including the part when Timothy Spall attempted to sing ;) Well worth seeing Kymmy