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  1. Topbox

    This is probably idiotic....but the alp seems much more responsive...more agile without a topbox on the this me imagining things or is there a real reason for this...I would imagine the few kg of an empty topbox should not be felt especially since I have toured with full luggage...
  2. Transalp XL700 Decals

    Has anyone removed the TRANSAP Decals from their 700? Personally, I think it looks tacky and have removed mine. Just stuck with empty fairings now. Anyone have any cool ideas to "spruce" it up? Thanks.
  3. PM Help

    I have just tried to send a PM to somebody but when i go to my messages my sent items is empty and i have a message at the top of the screen saying I have one stored message out of a possible 20. Where is this massage stored and how do I sent it to the intended recipient.
  4. Let the panic buying of fuel begin...

    The car's nearly empty so I was going to fill it up as I need it tomorrow. However, I see everyone in the area has heeded the government's recommendation to panic buy fuel and there are flocks of morons squeezing £4.87 (actual amount may vary) of fuel in their cars to brim their tanks. I think...
  5. Calling All French/Spanish Expats

    I'm probably moving back from Spain to England early in the new year due to work, and as part of that will be driving an empty van from Norwich to Tarragona via Portsmouth/Caen ferry. Does anybody need anything shifting down from the UK?
  6. Empty Panniers

    On a very brief rideout Sunday morning I passed two BMW 1200GS' and an 1150. All three were out riding their sparkly bikes with panniers and topboxes. Now I do confess to hardly ever removing my cheapo plastic topbox off of my RD04 (mainly becasue the release mechanism is rusted solid!!), but...
  7. empty trailer n.i to hastings

    on sun 17th I will be towing an empty bike trailer from Bushmills to dublin, Hollyhead to hastings. If anyone needs a bike moving let me know, just contribute towards my diesel.....:thumbright: