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  1. Xrv750 centrestand with ohlins

    Africa Twin
    Hi, does anyone have fitted or know if a centrestand is long enough to work with an ohlins shock and fork extenders fitted. I am thinking of buying one and wonder if it will need extending to enable it to work correctly. Many thanks, Jason.
  2. ADV Scotland 2017 May Rally

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello XRVers We have a few spaces left if anyone is interested in attending this years ADV Scotland Rally (Friday 26th May to Sun 28th May), located again at our wonderful location at Sunart Camping , Strontian . You can find more info here . ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2017 Post here , or...
  3. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  4. Workshop Manual pdf

    Hi, I'm planning a big trip through France and Spain next year. Although I'll obviously service the Transalp XL700 before I go I will be taking along a few tools, etc just in case of any problems. I was intending to take a copy of the Workshop Manual along with me on my Kindle just in case it...
  5. Transalp Gone

    After 3 months with my 700 TA it has now departed for pastures new. I never really gelled with it the way I did with my previous 650s - it is, as many have observed, a different beast apparently aimed at a different market. For a while I was intending to change it for another 650 but I got...
  6. Looking for a favour

    Just wondering if anyone who lives in the Stratford upon Avon area is attending the Birmingham NEC on the 22/11/14. I've bought a set of wheels off eBay and was wondering if anyone would be good enough to pick up my wheels and meet me at the show for an exchange? A big ask but it would be much...
  7. 18 inch wheel experience

    Africa Twin
    A thought for anyone considering increasing the size of their rear wheel. I have just changed two rear tyres on 18 inch rims I had fitted to @ hubs. The rims were different widths as Central Wheel had a standard size in stock when I contacted them, and I ordered the 3.5 as this was supposed to...
  8. Scam numbers?

    Hi all You may know i'm selling my 650 and have it advertised on here and Gumtree. I've gotten text messages from people but there is no number to reply to! Are these scammers pretending to buy? One came at 0530 this morning with just a email address ([email protected]) to reply to but no...
  9. For Sale: RD07 Bits. Ending Sunday 11th.

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Might be of interest. L/H side panel. Honda Africa Twin 750 (RD07A) Left side panel. | eBay R/H Side panel Honda Africa Twin 750 (RD07A) Right side panel. | eBay Hand guards. Honda Africa Twin 750 (RD07A) Hand guards | eBay Tinted touring screen. Honda Africa Twin 750 (RD07A) Tall screen...
  10. Jimbo XR's

    Africa Twin
    Jimbo XRV old and New Hi All Just thought I would pop on and say Hi, this was our AT in 95, great bike which (as with most bikes) wish we never sold: Anyway, after attending the ACE Adventurer day yesterday, defo on the look out for another clean example - (Won't let it go again) !
  11. Taffy Dakar Booking

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Booking online is available, Paypal has been setup so you can either pay your DEPOSIT or in FULL . Taffy Paypal If you would like register online, email [email protected], you will be sent an editable version which you can then fill in and return by email. Entries are starting to...
  12. Star Bikers Toy run December 15th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Anyone planning on attending the toy run? Subject to getting reg doc, tax and babysitter amongst other things sorted I intend to go on my @ Stoke on Trent Charity Motorcycle Runs :: Egg run & Toy run :: Star Bikers
  13. Even More Help please - TomTom Rider 1

    Hi Folks Got given free, a Rider 1 with 2006 uk maps. Registered on TomTom Home. Went for updates that were advised for my device, and got message saying "not enough room on existing card". Bought 8GB SD card from Teco and the TomTom site does not recoginize my unit.. Am I doing something wrong...
  14. Elleon2wheels

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi folks my name is Elaine (aka Elle or Elleon2wheels on other forums) & some here have almost met me. I originally joined due to someone selling parts for a Suzuki DR but I've been hanging around more recently as I'm attending the Galloway weekend organised by Austin. I have a few bikes but...
  15. The ultimate make money fast scheme

    For all you hard working folk out there... Three easy steps to financial success Fiddle your housing benefit by pretending you live in rented accommodation while actually having your own house. Collect £45,000 Get caught and sentenced to 300 hours community service Result earn £150 per hour tax...
  16. Transalp gone ;-(

    Well, after over 6 years of ownership and use by me and both of my sons, covering a measly 26k miles in our care over that time, tomorrow a mans coming to take the old girl away :( But with any luck I'll be able to keep an eye on the old girl - the chaps thinking of attending Galloway next...
  17. Friday night meal

    Welsh Invasion
    I've had a couple of suggestions that people might like to book in for a curry in the Indian restaurant on the Friday night. Any body interested? ONLY REPLY IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE ATTENDING ON FRIDAY Saturday will be the usual chilli.
  18. Recovery cover for Dambuster Run

    Checking things off my "to sort out" list for the Dambuster Run in late May one of the items I haven't got is recovery insurance/cover. I am a member of the AA but it does not include European cover. Should I see about extending my AA cover just for the 4 days I am abroad or is looking for...
  19. Admiral - more insurance sharp practice?

    Reported on the BBC News website is the fact that some car drivers are seeing an increase in their insurance premiums after attending "speed awareness" courses. This is in spite of certain Councils and Police Forces own websites stating that a driver attending one of these courses will not have...
  20. carb kit for tuning

    Hi all, I was flicking through ebay and came across this Honda XL650V4 XL 650V4 Transalp 6 Sigma Custom Carburetor Carb Stage 1-3 Jet Kit | eBay Its a carb/jet tuning thingy! Some big claims re extending life of motor/response and power increases. anyone out there know much about stuff like...