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  1. Indicators

    Have noticed recently that it takes about 4 seconds for my indicators to engage after being turned on, not a highly technical bod myself.......but could it be a dodgy relay??
  2. Honda 400 four ?

    Other Bikes
    Help please honda 400 four. Guys got a problem the kick start won't engage the gear , any ideas how you fix that ,oh knowledgeable ones. If you guys don't know then know one does.
  3. Been away a while, ready to re-engage!

    Hi folks, now I'm back with bike and thrown off the chains of Her Majesty's Armed Forces I'm ready to get back amongst it with the gang if you'll have me!? Sadly no longer an AT owner but recently acquired a GS. i see the membership has grown exponentially in the past couple of years! When's...
  4. Front sprocket exploded. Happen to anyone?

    Africa Twin
    A few weeks ago while riding at low speed, i heard a bang and pulled to the side of the road. The bike would not engage. So i was not sure what to do. Luckly there was a bike shop 5 km from where this happened. After examining the bike, we removed the front sprocket cover to realize the sprocket...
  5. Help!!! I have done something really stupid to my TA

    Chaps, I have attempted to rig up an auxiliary driving light with a relay and now my bloody bike won't start. It's a 2001 XL650V transalp. I have checked all the fuses in the box on the left and the main fuse on the right. Are there others? It's quite odd as the clock works and the dip...
  6. No power but full battery

    Yesterday had symptoms of losing power where it would only rev to 5k RPM and if opened up more it would bog and die until throttled off. This got prgressively worse down to 3K RPM and 30mph. Was also getting harder to restart and eventually would not restart but got only a click when the...
  7. Gearbox chatter

    Africa Twin
    Now its probably me just being anal and not knowing these bikes, but do the gearboxes chatter when idling. It goes away when I engage gear, so its either the gearbox or cluch? What are the release bearings like on these?
  8. weird dommie idle problem

    Dominator / FMX
    just managed to get a vid up on youtube its not great but it makes the sound at 5 and 21 secs hi again folks the last few days ive been having this weird problem were some times my bike wont idle its intermittent but its been...
  9. Gearbox question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Peeps Non bike related but after some guidance or has anyone had the same problem Went out in the boss's car this morning. It's a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDi130 6 speed 126,000 miles fully serviced regularly every 10,000 miles Reverse was a bit harder to engage, drove to the shops no problem. Upon...
  10. TA600 output shaft splines condition?

    I've just got round to inspecting the output shaft [counter shaft] on my 1988 XL600VJ (project) and I'm a little concerned by how worn they appear to be. The photos I've found so far don't seem to show a 6 spline shaft so I've really got nothing to compare it to so I would very much welcome a...
  11. Crosstourer has landed

    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  12. For Sale: Transalp XL600V - 1993 - Broken and in bits, needs a loving home!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As posted on the tranny forum, my recovered XL600V is up for grabs. After being stolen and ragged by a bunch of *£$&wit kids from the local estates, I got it back. I do not have the time, money, patience or mechanical know-how to repair it, so would dearly like someone who does to give it a...
  13. Sidestand/engine cut-out probem - any ideas?

    I have a 1990 transalp and it has an odd problem The sidestand is down (orange light on the dash is ON), bike is in neutral (green light is ON), I put the bike in gear (green light goes OUT), engine continues to run and it will let me ride off with the stand down (and the stand light still on)...
  14. Stripped output shaft splines - alternative repair method without welding

    In brief, this is the problem that I was trying to cure: Gearbox output shaft splines stripped as a result, I suspect, of the sprocket being fitted the wrong way around for long enough to cause wear due to uneven loading. Bike unable to move under its own power. The accepted solutions to...
  15. XL600 bearing whirring noise gearbox/clutch

    1994 Transalp XL600 (26k miles) Problem: my transalp has a whirring noise coming from the gearbox or clutch, when I shut the power off in every gear. I have read and heard of problems like this with transalp's and people have told me just to live with it - it's normal. However, I would like to...
  16. Just following instructions!

    When I got directed to this forum to look at a picture, I received the following message “Hello LazyRider it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another...
  17. Clutch problem on a TA or my imagination

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, Any thoughts on this. Do I have a clutch problem or a cable issue. I was out for an offroad spin last sunday. I came to a few very difficult sections with rocks the size of mellons. It was tough going. At one point I was hardly making any progress I thought it was becaust I was getting...
  18. Need clutch to start

    Africa Twin
    Temperamental problem noticed on hols. Have to engage the clutch to get the engine to start. Sometimes the bike won't start without it - kept thinking I had knocked the kill switch or left it in gear - Must be something simple.
  19. Is it me or is the 700 seat a right pig to get back on?!

    Picked up my new throw-over panniers on Friday and have been playing with ways of securing them, one of the options is to put one of the straps under the seat. However, with or without the panniers, the seat is such a bugger to put back on with all four clips in place. Does anyone else...
  20. Honda offers gear changes by hand

    Honda has launched “a revolutionary new technology” Dual Clutch Transmission to allow motorcycle gear changes by hand instead of foot or that can be used as an automatic gearbox with two settings - relaxed and sport. The system offers a six-speed manual gear-select option in Manual...