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  1. Africa Twin
    For an RD04. Ernest Burguieres
  2. Transalp
    It says in my honda hand book 10/30 or 10/40 engine oil but my hanyes manual has just arrived and it says 10/30, most adds selling oil for tranalp 700 are selling 10/40! Are most of you using 10/40?.
  3. Transalp
    Hey guys please help me, I have been using my Transalp 600 1998 for about 600 miles now and it has gradually developed a ticking noise coming from the engine. i checked the oil level the other day and it was 0.5 litres less than it should have been which is 2.2 litres. could i have done some...
  4. Transalp
    Its time for an oil change and again I turn to the forum for advice. Does anyone have a favourite? If so, why?
  5. Africa Twin
    hi all, where is the engine oil level supposed to be at on the Honda xrv? there are 2 marks on the dip stick,when on the main stand, is it between the 2 marks?? thanks for the feed back!!
  6. BMW
    I fitted a Cymarc Crudcatcher the other week, when I removed the bolt just below the oil level sight glass there was a weep of oil from the bolt hole. Which seemed very odd, and as this was the first bolt i undid I fitted the Crudcatcher by only removing one bolt at a time and tightened them to...
  7. XR
    Hi, I was looking for an oil temperature gauge for my xr400 and found this one on ebay: Engine Oil Temperature Gauge for Honda XR600 XR650 XL600 CBR900RR Fireblade | eBay Does anybody know if this will fit a 400? I sent them a message and they said there is 21.5mm from the top of the engine...
  8. XR
    Hi guys, After doing the Hafren Rally in September I finally got round to do an engine oil change! I could no longer get a reading on the dipstick so without knowing how much oil was left after the harshness of the rally abuse....I thought its best to drain it and change! I only got about...
  9. Transalp
    Ok, so I have some questions for you regarding my XL 600VW: 1. How much can I tighten the rear shock? The Haynes manual specifies a minimum spring length, meaning I shouldn't tightening more than that. However, some people I've met tell me ignore that and go ahead. Comments? 2. At what oil...
  10. Suzuki
    Hi all, I'm new to the DR350 scene so please be gentle with what will I'm be some stupid questions! My '92 DR350 has a really bad oil leak from the magneto/generator cover. I took the cover off and sure enough there was a piece of gasket missing about an inch long. My question is, should there...
  11. Dominator / FMX
    I broke down yesterday On inspection The alternator side is filled with engine oil not good ! Is it a complete engine out split engine? Obviously a seal has gone, to replace it can I do it with the engine in situ? Do I need special tools? or can I use a 3 legged puller? to drag the rotor...
  12. Transalp
    Hi guys.. well my ta650 2004 with 55k on clock has just had the internal seal in the waterpump go..bearings and other seals fine..wish haynes told you when removing that all the engine oil need draining as well as water... the seal is the impellar one that cant be fixed so £300 for a new one...
  13. XR
    can anyone tell me how much engine oil should go in my 96 xr400. Just had the bike and want too do a service this weekend. Also any help on best oil too use would be very helpful.cheers lee.
  14. Africa Twin
    Hey peeps, I have an XRV RD03 1989. About 1000miles after buying the bike I noticed that the clutch was starting to cause problems, these issues were more obvious in hot weather when the bike was hot, With the clutch leaver pulled fully in the bike wants to pull forward a little and when...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hey peeps, I am in the process of preparing for a 2 week off road trip to Marocco, Atlas mountains, Sahara, I can't wait ! I'll be riding an @T RD03 650 built in 1989 with 50k km on the clock. After reading threads about the @T weak spots and adventure touring, I have pre-emptively changed...
  16. Transalp
    I couldnt service bikes for a living...... The past 2 days I've been servicing my transalp and decided to give it a complete service and going over! I started by giving the bike a deep clean getting into every nook and cranny I then stripped all the plastics, seat, fairing, headllight, belly...
  17. Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    who"s right, do i use castrol power 1 racing 10w 30 full synthetic or castrol power 1 10w 30 part synthetic this is from two different HONDA dealers, this is for my crosstourer 1200x, some say its just down to money and some say about clutch slip ???
  18. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Madness from me, maybe. But was suggested by someone elseto have a decision made for me. Obviously got the TA up as well which is stillplaying on my mind.Mainly due to the fact I have ridden the TA to work and outand about and love riding it !! I do think Im genuinely a "Honda"man, but the...
  19. XR
    Putting the head cover back on and the manual says to "pour engine oil into the oil pocket in the cylinder head". I would if I knew where the oil pocket was, and how much oil to pour in...Is it the space around the cam bearings? Seems to be from the picture in the manual. Can anyone help please?
  20. Discounts / Deals
    15% OFF all 10w-40 Bike Engine Oils - USE VOUCHER CODE : BIKE ** Limited Time Only ** We have over 25 10w-40 engine oils available from the following brands: Amsoil, Castrol, Mobil, Moutul, Red Line, Shell and Silkolene Make sure you enter voucher code BIKE at the checkout to get your...
1-20 of 135 Results