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  1. XR400 converting to 440

    Hi Has anyone done the 440cc conversion? If so what are the benefits and drawbacks? I am about to start an engine rebuild and wondered if it's worth doing. Thanks. Ben Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Make Alp Great Again Rebuild Project

    Hello fellow Alpiners. Alp (1991) and I have been out and about in the world for almost three years now. We've done a fair bit of k's and had the occasional spill. A bad one in Australia particularly left a mark but still managed to put the bike back together again. Now it is time to make this...
  3. What to expect after 150K regarding serious maintenance?

    Hello fellow Alpiners. My '91 XL600v has blessed me with many kilometres around the world and we still have many more to do. We've been on the road for over two years and done about 80k together and the bike has roughly done around 150k. I would tell you the exact number but the speedo unit got...
  4. Anyone done an RD07a Engine Rebuild?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Lads Did anyone here rebuild their engine? I'm currently rebuilding my XR650R engine, and was considering doing the same to my AT when I'm done, but I'm not sure how difficult it is on a twin compared to a single? If anyone has done it, do you have a parts list I can check? I'm thinking all...
  5. Rd07a outputshaft /countershaft avilaiblity

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, having inspected output shaft have noticed more wear on it since last inspection 8k ago I am about to fit a Stefter sprocket which I purchased (thanks een 205 for starting the out put shaft thread awhile ago and Massive lee for his research) as a temporary solution to my problem , as...
  6. Who'd weld a front sprocket?!

    Africa Twin
    I'm a newbie AT owner desperate for some advice from those with more experience. Being a bit of a sucker for bringing back to life neglected bikes, I took a punt on a high mileage (67k) very tatty 1992 AT back in October. My ambition is not to restore her back to original but to rebuild her to...
  7. first time total engine rebuild Cambridge

    Africa Twin
    Hi all after many years of "ill get round to it " its time to do a total rebuild of my RD07 engine . it has been in pieces for about a year and is now time to put it back together!!! is there anyone in the Cambridge area who has done a total engine rebuild . i am OK with the spanners but have...
  8. A Dommie I built...

    Dominator / FMX
    One I knocked up earlier in the year. This was my own bike so kind of just played around with it making it how I liked myself. Not scared to crash it either. It came off roading with me a few times. I had a Hagon with stiffer springs so it handled quite well. I've done a couple of XR650L's...
  9. 500 triumph project

    time to turn my attentions to this little triumph , its been sat in the corner of the garage for nearly 25 years , got it running a couple of years back but it seized up due to oil circulation problems and jumps out of third and fourth gear needs an engine rebuild plus i've got a few ideas for...
  10. Engine rebuild options, costs, valve stem replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, 1996 NX650 Dominator with 34k miles on the clock. Apparently well looked after. Well it is now any way, mileage appears to be genuine from history and MOT’s with the bike. I have noticed on deceleration, engine braking, clutch out smoke from the exhaust. I would like to assume this...
  11. Swap: Swap my 2002 Africa Twin for a CRF250L

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2002 Africa Twin for sale £2900 For sale £2900 2002 Africa Twin with loads of good accessories, looking to swap for a CRF250L? It has 58000 miles but in good conditional having has engine rebuild and new output shaft bearing. Any interest?
  12. complete engine rebuild

    Africa Twin
    hi all hope your all well arfter a year off its time to start the rebuild of my engine. i should explain one thing though . when i stripped the engine down i took many photos all the way. now i took the photos on my works tablet so it would be portable to the garage and shed . good thinking? ...
  13. Urgent help please - molybdenum or lithium grease

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm after some urgent advice. I am finding it very hard to find moly grease here in the south of France to use with my engine rebuild. Lithium general purpose is in great supply though - can I use lithium, or does it have to be Moly? Appreciate and quick responses, as I am in town now...
  14. is this high mileage

    should I avoid this found a xr 125 for sale 2 owners from 2004 its got 55,000k on the clock and performance arrow exhaust that's year old looks in decent condition looking at picture its got mot and tax person as had it for about 2years and said the shop he brought it from said it had a...
  15. Hi, new to the site,looking for a mechanic to sort out my xl500s engine

    Hi, does anyone know of someone in the south wales area (or further a field for that matter) to rebuild my 81 xl500s engine, I'm taking on this restoration to prove to myself I have the patience to do a good job, I've rushed my past attempts to get a bike on the road,with mixed results so i'm...
  16. Africa Twin Engine Rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Anyone on this forum recondition AT engines, preferably in the south (but not essential) mine needs some new bearings in the casing? Ian
  17. Any interest in another rebuild thread?

    Africa Twin
    I am currently in the middle of restoring my rather sad RD07a. The intention is to try to turn this 1999 type 10 Sahara blue metallic, stolen recovered Cat c right off into this This is how it would have looked and hopefully will look at journeys end. Acquired via this very forum when the...
  18. AT Engine Rebuild - Stuck Cranks Help Please

    Africa Twin
    Hi, So I am rebuilding my AT RD04 Engine after a strip and repaint and have hit a bit of a problem: I replaced the crank journal bearing shells and took what I thought was reasonable trouble to identify the correct sizing for these (as you have a couple of options depending on the sizing stamp...
  19. Xr 600 engine rebuild

    I need to have my xr 600 cam changed where's the best place in the UK to get one from?
  20. big end shell bearings

    Africa Twin
    hi can anybody tell me what shell bearings i need ? my old rods are marked A2. I have two new (secondhand ) con rods that have been cleaned and the markings are vauge i think i can make out an A on one and the lower half of a two on the other? my crankshaft is marked with A ................ 2...