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  1. Looking for some help/advise. XL600V frame w/ NT650 motor question(s).

    Greetings, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a little bump in the road I've come across in my build. As the title states I've thrown a NT650 / Bros 650 / Hawk 650 motor in a Transalp frame and my issue is the front cylinder's exhaust port isn't allowing me to get the Hawk's front header...
  2. XRV Twin 1990 engine swap for a 2001 model

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if a 2001 engine will swap straight into a 1990 model ? Regards, Tim.
  3. Honda xr80 engine swap to 125 eg. Cg125? Any help appreciated

    Has anybody ever put a Honda 125 eg. Cg 125 engine in a Honda xr80 1987 ? Just wondering if the engine mounts are same/similar ? Is much fabrication needed if any ? Any help appreciated Thanks
  4. 750 engine swap question.

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if its possible to do an engine swap with the VTR1000 engine? Has it been done before? Any major hurdles? G.
  5. Africa Twin in Africa

    Africa Twin
    Hay guys, My RD03 engine blew and have to be replaced. I cant find a replacement in South Africa so I was thinking to replace it with a RD04 or07. Is this possible?? Any advise would be appreciated, thanks! Desmond
  6. engine swap

    My engine sounds like a bearing is getting rough, gearbox output shaft I think. does anyone know if the injection engine fits the early carb versions? I need to swap the engine so I can take my time checking it all out and I need the bike to get to work on. Thanks. Steve.
  7. Slr engine swap

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi iam new to this forum just bought an slr 650 and in the middle of an engine swap , can anyone tell me any differences between the slr engine and a vigor one ? the vigor one has a housing on the left side off the engine with hose take offs and was wondering what its for .. cheers
  8. engine swap xl600

    hey all. im new to the forum and was wondering if anybody could tell me if a 1983 xl or xr 600 engine will fit in a 1987 xl 600 frame. thanks
  9. engine swap???

    Africa Twin
    Have rattly 4th gear been weighing up my options....been offered a 32000 mile engine which is 20.000 plus less than mine anyone know for sure if a 95 model engine will fit all the same wiring carbs etc as a 93model?
  10. engine swap

    how much work is involved in swapping the engine in a xr 125 to a 400 xr engine is it possible and has anyone ever done it
  11. Transalp Engine Swap

    The rebuild of my '89 VK TA is continuing slowly, but just to add to the confusion, I may have the chance to obtain a badly crash damaged 650, for not a lot of money. Would the 650 engine fit straight into my frame, and more importantly, is it worth doing ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. Passed it's MOT....!!!

    Well then, after all the problems I had recently with the engine swap, then the CDI/pulse coils problem, and changing my rear light as it went faulty, and also the full rear end conversion from drum to disk brake system, which included swing arm change, mounting rear master cylinder, as well as...
  13. engine swap problems?

    i have a 99 engine and another member may be interested in buying it. does anyone know if a 99 engine will go into a 91 frame? i think it will go but may need electrics from the 99 bike to go with it. any experts out there with the knowledge?
  14. XR600R Engine Swap Pt.1

    As I had a free afternoon I thought I'd make a start on the XR engine swap after it gave out on me just outside of Helmsley at the end of October. One XR up on its newly purchased stand. One replacement engine from a breaker, with guarantee fast running out, must get it in! Remove...
  15. engine swap

    Hey all Getting conflicting information regarding my Var 125, need a new engine. Mines is a 2002 card model and i engine i am looking at an engine that is a 2007 injection type, ive been told it cant be done on another forum but a mechanic says it can, as the engine mounts are the same, its...
  16. Engine swap - any advice?

    Africa Twin
    Gonna be swapping the engine over soon - will be getting oil/filter/exhaust gaskets, have doused all nuts/bolts in wd40. I know about wrapping the frame up to avoid any damage - will be doing with 2 of us so hopefully a skinned knuckle shared is halved and all that - any special tools? Not going...
  17. Roadgoing Newbie

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Afternoon all, just thought i'd say hello as i think i might become quite a regular. I've just purchased a CB250RS for whizzing around London on, really enjoying it so far. However, it's not going to remain standard, i'll be creating a flat track/café racer hot rod thing out of it over the...
  18. Knock knock

    Africa Twin
    I finally isolated where the noise is coming from on my AT this morning. It's coming from the nearside of the top end of the front cylinder, and the sound is a rhythmic knock. I'm assuming I have lateral play on the cam, though I haven't yet tried the trick where you listen to see if the sound...