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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    I have an intact frame of my beautiful 1997 XRV 750 First original Engine is out and and open (by pro mechanic Donner engine from Netherlands also out and open. Many good parts. all plastics there 2 x skid plate Heppco and Becker hard case frame and crash bars selling all as parts location in...
  2. XR Technical Specs
    Hi. Having had the piston disintegrate into the engine on my 2004 XR400 I am now looking at a fairly major rebuild. I am ok with that but I was wondering if all the XR400 engines are the same? It certainly would make finding all the parts easier. At this time I need a new barrel, 4 valves...
  3. Africa Twin
    Interesting to read Prova di durata moto Honda Africa Twin, long test di affidabilità: risultati finali e inconvenienti - Motociclismo What do you think about that cylinder wear on the picture? Honda says it is normal for their engines!? Corrosion on the exhaust also doesn't look good for a...
  4. Transalp
    I bought a '87 Transalp and is possibly needs another engine (front cilinder has 0 compression and is 'rattling'). I'm gonna pull the engine out anyway to check out the condition, but I'm not too positive. This Transalp has the black engine, do the newer gray engines also fit?
  5. Transalp
    around 1991 honda started releasing the 600 transalp with silver engines (from 1986-1990 the engines were black) from what i can see the silver engined ones don't seem to age as well, they often seem tarnished/corroded apart from that, is there any difference in the engine itself? are the...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    I hope this is OK to list here but i have a lot of 1984/85 XL250 USED parts for sale. There are too many to list here but i have many engine parts from complete engines to barrels, heads, crankcase covers, clutch and gearbox parts, electrics, carbs, cables plus many more parts. Let me know if...
  7. Transalp
    Hi guys!! can anyone recommend the best way to lower the engines RPM (transalp 650) whilst riding on the motorway? is it best to change the front or rear sprocket? all advice welcome. thanks guys.
  8. Discounts / Deals
    I've probably mentioned this before. Smith & Allan in Darlington great priced oils, paints, wd40, waxoil etc. They often have monthly discount codes on farcebook. Eg, 2x5l of their own branded 10/40 semi synth motorcycle oil to ma spec, I've just paid under £26 inc vat (collected - they do mail...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Urgently need good used stator for XL250R or XLR250 (MD11 or MD17 engine codes) these are the RFVC engines.Anyone got an engine they are breaking? Must be known to have been charging okay when running.Might take rotor with it.
  10. Dominator / FMX
    Just wondering, has anybody thought about fitting a new oil pump as part of a high mileage service? The top end seems to be the part that lets go first on these engines and since it depends on oil pressure and flow to survive I was thinking how would it be if the oil pump was replaced at say...
  11. Transalp
    Hey all. Seeing a lot of bikes for sale with over 80000miles on the clock How long do they usually last?? Just wondering if I got a high miler are newer engines easy to find or will just a full overhaul do them? Thanks
  12. Other Honda
    Just bought a sl 100 for trips to the shop, light off road playing. The engine is no good, what other engines can be used, or likely cost of a rebuild? Any ideas
  13. Africa Twin
    Question for the more experienced folks here. How close are these two engines? Obviously, there would be some fabrication involved, but weight savings, power gains and fuel injection!!!!! Maybe someone has tried it? Just a thought, not something I've really considered, but interested in a...
  14. Africa Twin
    At the risk of making a total dick of myself... Whats the difference between the RD03, 04, 07 etc?? Ive had a little looksie about but thought it be quicker to ask directly. can anyone point me to a thread or explain the differences and pros and cons. best/most reliable etc??? I really...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Anyone on this forum recondition AT engines, preferably in the south (but not essential) mine needs some new bearings in the casing? Ian
  16. Transalp
    Hi, I am considering using the TA for some gravel riding. What will i need apart from TKC80's ? Anyone seen a headlight grill for the 600 and a bash plate that looks really good (seen only not so nice but practical bashplates for this bike around). Is it a suitable bike for gravel touring...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted: A good, complete, low'ish mileage 650 TA engine to enable resurrection of my Black, '06 TA that is currently languishing engineless in Laon, France. Offers of engines from Uk or European sources welcome.
  18. XRV Swap Shop
    Wanted: A good, complete low'ish mileage 650 TA engine to enable resurrection of my Black, '06 TA that is currently languishing engineless in Laon, France. Offers of engines from Uk or European sources welcome.
  19. Dominator / FMX
    hi guys! i want to insure against cam chain tensioner failure (again) and found this mod. what do you think? i believe this couldn`t do anything bad. please check link below. cheers, Ignas. Basic problem with XR/XL engines (cam chain) on Forums 6th post from top.
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi, Last summer I had some sort of engine failure with my AT (weird noise from the lower part of the engine). At least some bearing failure with the clutch has been solved. Anyway I am afraid that this is not the main reason for the sound.. I have't put the engine back to one piece yet and...
1-20 of 42 Results