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  1. pannier rack 2008 650

    New member question - Hello recently bought a 2008 transalp 650 which I am enjoying riding much more than the GS1100 I just got rid of (too heavy !) Anyway, wonder if someone can help identify the pannier rack that my bike has fitted from the attached photo. The bike did not come with panniers...
  2. Hi guys

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I have a 2000 750 had it since sept been working on it for last 6 months and riding it really enjoying the bike I live near York
  3. Touring Tips

    I’m a strong believer in less is more when it comes to touring speed, a rider can withstand more hours at 65mph for example than 75, especially if they stop every hour for 10 mins rest. I’m riding 250 miles on Friday but in no particular hurry, so thought it might be fun to try a programme of...
  4. Any Trips Planned for the continent for 2018 summer

    I am new to this forum. I have a honda Transalp 700 2010 model from last year..Enjoying riding it. Getting old so needed a comfortable bike. Any trips planned..please let me know.:rolleyes: Thats my baby
  5. Hi all

    Hi all, I’m new to the forums and would just like to say hello to you all. I have just got back into biking again after nearly 20 years and it’s great to be back on the saddle again :thumb: Got myself a 2001 Honda XL650V Transalp and really enjoying it. Great forum and lots of good info...
  6. Show us your CRF1000L

    Africa Twin
    As there seems to be a few with the new bike now thought i'd start this off This is mine owned it for 18 months now and enjoying it every time i ride it
  7. Newbie with a transalp

    Hi all I've been lurking in this forum for a few months, bought an xl700 transalp three weeks ago and enjoying it, living in Welshest Wales helps a lot, went for a spin up the Elan valley yesterday and had great fun despite appalling weather. Jon
  8. LED Backlit Instrument Panels?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Hope you're enjoying the festive season. Wondering if anyone has replaced the standard bulbs on the instrument panels to LED? I find my instrument panels quite dark, so I'm considering upgrading the bulbs to bright white LEDs to make them stand out more. Many thanks, Dar
  9. Honda V twin engine.

    I just bought myself a 1993 Honda NTV 650 from Germany which I have been informed has the same engine as the transalp.(who knew):D:D:D I am chuffed to bits with the bike and have started enjoying biking a bit more. I love the vibe the bikes gives off but I have one concern. I have ridden 800km...
  10. Ass hurts like hell!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I'm really enjoying riding my twin been in all sorts of terrain but after an hour on the stock chair my ass feels like its about to explode. How can I make the long rides on the saddle easier on my ass? P.s I dont have money to buy a corbins aftermarket one. What material can I use...
  11. Wanted: wtd: aftern market exhaust for the 650 translap

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Its been awhile since i last posted, ive been enjoying the transalp with a few trip on the continent which were fantstic. Ive got a wee bit of upgradeitis and am looking for a nice aftermarket exhaust for the transalp. Mivv suono etc etc. anyone have one or know of on going? cheers...
  12. Enjoying LWR again

    Due to a spate of sleepless nights recently I dug out my Long Way Round DVD and commenced a' viewing it Must say I am enjoying it. I know some folks have strong opinions about the whole Chewan thing but I remember recording this when it first aired and impatiently getting home to watch it...
  13. enduro practice events

    Competitions / Trials
    Can anyone on here give me any info on where I can get any information on practice day events for enduro. Iv been riding parkwood 4x4 over the last few months and im really enjoying it after not been riding for a while due to starting a family.. My oldest is nearly 3 now so im getting a bit more...
  14. Hope you enjoyed or still enjoying the sun from the TTB's

    Hi All Another Blog up on our site for you to enjoy.... it's been a hot one summer at last at the right tme of the year... yer!!! But some times to hot to get out on the bike and not going out with out my kit on, not like some of those super hero's in t-shirts and flip-flops.. Looking...
  15. Am i labouring my Transalp

    I am enjoying my new transalp xl700 but never having had a v twin before i wanted some advice. When i am pottering around on back roads at about 45mph in top at 3000 ish rpm am I labouring the engine. it feels a bit lumpy but maybe thats how v twins are meant to feel or should i shift down to 4th ?
  16. Crosstourer Tyres

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Hi, at 8k miles I am really enjoying the Crosstourer. It will however need new tyres very soon. Has anyone tried anything other than the standard factory fitted? Thanks
  17. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Paul Hope you're enjoying the AT
  18. I had a visitor today

    Young Aemon of this parish called in to see me on Skye today. I was out in our compound trying to clear my head, heard the throb of an @ heading up the hill. The rider slowed down so i went over to have a natter " It's me Aemon !! " was the cry from within the helmet :D Took him in for a coffe...
  19. XR500 1983 Cam followers

    Hi everyone, been lurking around on here for a few months enjoying the chat but, what d'ya know, now I need some help, or information if anyone can help. I have a XR500 1983 I think, the engine type with "RFVC" cast on the rocker cover, anyway, the inlet valve cam followers are toast and need...
  20. 3 Shires Trail Ride 6th May 12

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great day out on the Twin with a few fellow riders including the Beddowws of this manor not many photos as I was enjoying the ride I was also trying out the new soft luggage A few videos from the 3 Shires trail over near Macclesfield and the Cat and Fiddle Weather was cold but...