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  1. front sprocket output shaft spline....potential fault please will members enlighten

    AS newbie to this site, I have been told that this is a potential fault with the Transalp....does this relate to a particular model? 600/650/700 as I would have thought Honda would have rectified it! or does it relate to poor maintenance/ not using OEM parts? or possibly over tightening the...
  2. sooo...what's the deal with AT's ??

    Africa Twin
    i've got a dominator at the moment and its that seasonal time when i look around for another bike(i do it every year but still have the dommie). this time i have been looking more intently on africa twins. i have been told of a fairly local elderly gentleman who has an early rd03 or 04 that he's...
  3. Re-Jetting??

    Africa Twin
    After fitting a new Arrow PD Replica Exhaust from RR - I have had my bike (1995 RD07) on the dyno (it was in for an MOT anyway) The results are that it is running very very rich (actually off the scale!) and it is only delivering 45 bhp and poor mpg. It was probably running quite rich before...
  4. 1,5 mm Aluminium boxes

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have been looking for some aluminium boxes to Mount to my givi-luggage-rek I found some (at Bauhaus here in Norway), but they are only 1,5mm thick. And really cheap, around 50 euro a piece. Do you think that 1,5mm is to thin and they will crack as soon as i go of-road, or should it be...
  5. This company scrapped this bike

    Africa Twin
    I dont understand why you would break this bike I would think its worth £2500 as is LOOK HONDA XRV750 XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN 1990 INLET STUBS RUBBERS *FREE UK POST* | eBay Can anybody enlighten me as it would take months to sell it all to get that amount?
  6. Clutch cable

    Africa Twin
    Don't suppose one of you could enlighten me with the route the clutch cable takes on an RD07A could you? No matter which way I try to route it, it sits on the exhaust down pipe. Thanks, Rob
  7. Fuel tap position ??

    Africa Twin
    Can some enlighten me as to the fuel tap positions please. I just ordered a new lever, and have no idea if my fuel tap is currently in the ' on ' or reserve position. Dont want to put the lever on, only to run completely dry somewhere. Cheers. Probably self explanitary, but rather make my life...
  8. xl600v '94, number of spark plugs

    i'm a little confused, i read over and over that the xl600v should have 4 plugs, I can only find 2. can someone enlighten me?
  9. Honda motorcycle area codes there a full list and what does /25K mean ?

    I know for example that E is for England etc some are a bit more difficult to fathom out Also noticed that some in the fiche lists have the country code ie E for germany followed by /25K ...what does this mean ? ( before you say it's the restricted version that tends to be notified with a *1 (...
  10. 450 EXC Speed Sensor

    Everything Orange - KTM
    The speed sensor is missing on my EXC I've noticed. The magnet is on the disc still, so I've ordered the necessary parts, but I'm not sure how the sensor reader fixes to the fork to get it right distance away. There must be some sort of bracket. Can anyone enlighten me?
  11. NX650 Snorkel - what is it?

    Dominator / FMX
    Aight so I've been reading all over the place about snorkels for various road-legal bikes. Unfortunately, while I know what the snorkel is and looks like for divers and submarines, I can't for the life of me understand how it relates to NXs. Please enlighten one whose native language simply...
  12. the "heater assembly" wire on the bottom of my carb ..a few questions please

    Dominator / FMX
    the "heater assembly" wire on the bottom of my carb ..a few questions please 1999 Rd08 dommie what does the wire "feed "exactly and when does it come into operation /what controls it? someone enlighten me please! thanks Bill
  13. Bikesure Insurance - Paying by Direct Debit - £1500 Agreement for £208.53 premium!!

    Having read the good things on this forum about Bikesure, I recently insured my two bikes and arranged to pay by Direct Debit. I am happy with the premium quoted, but that soon changed when a Credit Agreement dropped through my door from Premium Credit Limited who are collecting it on behalf of...
  14. Tacho knowledge required please

    Hi guys any fellow wagon drivers out there, i,m back on the wagons at the weekends, to earn abit of cash for my upcoming wedding, wrking for an agency mainly hauling for samworth bros, (Ginsters). I,ve got over ten years of tramping under my belt plus european, but I havnt had to use a tacho for...
  15. What is the "tank bridge bar"?

    Hi all I've just traded my Alp in for a new Varadero. Familiarising myself with the bike, I noticed that clipped to the under side of the seat is a rectangular thing made out of metal rods. I didn't have a clue what it was. Reading through the handbook, I find that it is mentioned on the...
  16. Beak, bill or rostrum.... What's it for?

    Ok so the BMW range of adventure bikes have a beak The new triumph tiger 800 has a beak The photoshop'd Honda I have seen has a beak So... Please enlighten me - what's it for?
  17. daylight bleedin robbery!!

    my insurance wont let me drive due to the cast on my arm/hand and my bike is written off resulting in me having to rely on public transport. i have had to go from welwyn garden city to st albans this week which is a 7 mile journey and it costs 8 friggin quid for a 1 day return!!!! now not...
  18. First Impressions of new (to me) TA650 Photos and some questions

    Hi All, Here are some comments on my new purchase a 2007 650 Transalp. I have a few general questions at the bottom if anyone can enlighten me! I got the TA to replace my KLR650 Cmodel which was stolen. Comming straight from the KLR most of my comments are a comparsion against it. Prior to the...
  19. Should I buy my wife a bike?

    Been thinking about buying Ffi a bike. Each of the events we go to she comes away feeling like she would like a bike. Seeing Aggy ride the DT125 offroad at the National has only fuelled this. So what should I consider buying. Lets say a £1K budget. I had a quick scout on ebay for DT125's (I...
  20. Renegade spring

    Dominator / FMX
    Gents As i was fnishing off my top end rebuild today i had to take the clutch cover off to get the cam chain back on its sprocket.. (no big deal) just after id finished putting the cover back on i noticed a spring on the floor its about an inch long and about 2/3s of an inch this...