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  1. DAVID Beckham

    I'm not a fan of him or any other footballer but just seeing the news i think that a decent thing he's done, donating his salary to charity. The blokes already got more money than he'll ever spend to thats a nice thing to do. Good on him On the flip side seems the bankers are at it again...
  2. R1200GS comfort?

    No peeps, I've not suddenly grown up by 10" :rolleyes: I'm not in the market for a 1200! But I've had the following enquiry from some relatives in Oz. Your thoughts and experience would be welcome. Ta in advance. I/we are looking at getting a BMW R1200 GS, as it would suit the un-made up roads...
  3. General Enquiry

    Hi Guys I have this idea in my head that I would like to get rid of my AT and CBR1000F and go for a newish (2006) Varadero. My idea being that the XL1000V will do, in one, what the other 2 bikes do. The only thing that concerns me is the apparent 'thirst' for petrol this thing has - I've...