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  1. Bike buying points

    I will be looking for a new (to me) bike and I was wonder if any one used a checklist to ensure they covered all aspects from bike condition to service history, willing to share?
  2. Cracked Fairing

    Mechanical Advice
    The Varadero I got had a cracked fairing, I have the fairing off (couple of photos below) and I'm looking to ensure it does not propagate. Any suggestion which adhesive I should use? Thanks
  3. Crosstourer accessories price list

    12V DC Socket Power additional electric equipment with this handy 12V DC Socket Kit. £76.60 Averto Security Alarm Kit Featuring the very latest anti-theft technology, this compact alarm unit has a 118db siren, a movement and shock detector featuring 8 sensitivity settings and a double...
  4. Bennetts launch a petition to ensure bike-related questions are madecompulsory

    Motorcyclists account for 1% of all road traffic in the UK, but shockingly account for 20% of fatalities. What is even scarier is that prospective car drivers can currently pass their test without answering a single motorbike-related question. Bennetts have launched a Government petition...
  5. First Tumble from the AT

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Yesterday I had my first low speed tumble from my AT thanks to a lunatic scooter rider sliding into my back wheel :( The only damage was a snapped clutch lever (just the end) and the bike started no problem. I carried on to work and rode home at the end of the day having checked all...
  6. Cornwall Road safety

    Had this e-mailed to me today from the council road safety unit, not sure if they are concerned about what the public think from a biking point of view or whether they have just run out of ideas themselves about what to put on the signs. Both the roads they mention are accident blackspots and...
  7. Dayglo insanity spreads

    Hot on the heels of Ireland's pointless, stupid and patronising idea of the introduction of mandatory full sleeve dayglo jackets for motorcyclists, the French are joining the (stupid) party too, apparently. Got this from the Visordown forum - "The French Gov has finally confirmed how it will...
  8. BT dishonesty

    If I walked into a BT shop and took £25 out of their till I would expect to be arrested for thieving. So why are BT able to take £25 out of my daughters bank account and totally ignore her pleas for its return. Her attempts to contact them just result in running up telephone charges whilst she...
  9. Guess the National Iconic Forum member

    Today, I walked into my local building society to deposit a large payment off my mortgage, which hurt a little, but when I saw what we now owe was very soothing ! However, I noticed a huge poster with a well known high profile XRV Member looking down upon me, in an expensive suit & tie complete...
  10. For Sale: Honda 1979 GL1000 K1 very original 26000 miles £2000

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Honda 1979 GL1000 K1 very original 26000 miles £2000 SOLD Sold on ebay via classified ad in a day, must have been too cheap! Not an off-roader, although I saw a GL1000 based special at Stafford last year that looked GS ish Not that I would suggest you use this one for a project like that...
  11. Advice please re keeping my countershaft splines in good condition

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys . trying to keep my dommie in good order and recently became aware of various bikes having problems with the countershaft splines getting worn . I changed the chain and sprockets some 1500 miles back but now wonder whether I should have used a genuine Honda front sprocket to ensure the...
  12. Forestry Commission Land Usage - help required

    I've just had this email requesting help for making our wonderful government aware that the ramblers association are not the only vested interest group. I know thers one or two off roaders on here. :rolleyes: So thought I'd post it up just in case you don't already know about it. Please see...
  13. Settings for loaded up

    What would be the suggested settings for a loaded up XL700 Transalp? When travelling with my TA with loaded panniers and topbox would you adjust the tyre pressure and suspension settings for as if you were travelling 2 up? Never travelled fully loaded so just wondering how to ensure the set-up...
  14. BMW G650GS Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank – BMW G650GS 2011 Introduction BMW have recently introduced the G650GS single cylinder enduro motorcycle (the German for motorcycle is ‘motorrad’ – hence BMW Motorrad). This motorcycle is a continuation of their very successful F650GS (single cylinder) which...
  15. Free: 4x LED indicator resistors

    For Sale / Wanted
    These are used with the standard Honda relay to ensure the same flash rate as with filament lamps. I have an electronic relay so they are free to anyone who needs them for P&P only.
  16. Honda motocross updates

    Honda has changed its motocross machines including engine updates, improved suspension and wider footpegs for the CRF450R and CRF250R. The CRF150RB also receives engine updates for improved power, torque and driveability plus revised suspension for improve action. All three models also receive...
  17. Discount - Fuel Exhausts for Transalp

    Discounts / Deals
    All, We've been given a 10% discount for use against Transalp exhausts. The code needed is XRV-OC-2011 and it needs to be entered at the checkout stages. You must ensure that the code goes in at the basket checkout stage as codes will not be applied after completion of order. Cheers Dave
  18. Which chain oiler (If any)?

    Hi all, Having used the search function, I know this topic has been covered in various guises but hopefully I have a slightly new slant on it! I'm replaicng the chain and sprockets on my bike after just shy of 14k miles. Not too impressed with that, previous bikes have lasted much longer and...
  19. Any bike cover

    Something else seems to have fallen of my policy when I renewed last year was the ability to ride any bike not owned by me (but insured in it's own right). I'm sure it was there the year before but it seems to have not been added this time round. Pennies here and pennies there. So to echo...
  20. engine rebuild done... now mixture problems

    Dominator / FMX
    well i finished my engine rebuild a few weeks ago (1988 domi) thanks to every one here. its been running well but im having trouble with it being too rich. its got noisy race pipes, a KandN filter(cleaned and re oiled) and a chopped off snorkel thing. at first it had a 160 main jet and 50 idle...