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  1. What's a full service entail?

    Had my Vara for 5ish weeks, done an oil change as standard soon after pickup... But what should be my next steps? I'm thinking filters, fluids and plugs. But add carb balancing, valves etc... My reason for asking is that I don't mind tackling some jobs, but some are beyond me and I'd rather...
  2. Stationary

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Do we want some ? I had some made up for this years event, I think I got 200 x A4 headed paper, and was £90.00, I'll check with our printer across the road, set up charges were free. Phil do you have any reserves in the TLD bank account, if we agree to get some done ? They also gave me a PDF...
  3. a couple of queries

    1.The thread of drive shaft which the front sprocket goes onto has started to shred and I want to replace it - would this entail a full engine strip down to remove and replace it or can it be knocked/screwed out? 2. Rear light wont work and I cannot adjust the little nut by hand which alters...
  4. More thoughts on motorcycle emissions

    More thoughts on motorcycle emissions Being the sad geek I am I’ve been monitoring quite accurately my fuel consumption on the TA. The current most accurate figures are an overall mean of 46 mpg this year. This is all my riding, which is predominantly city rush hour, local shopping trips...