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  1. DVLA - Licence renewed and motorcycle entitlement debacle from a different angle!

    I think we've all read before about the DVLA errors (read horrors) when renewing a licence and having it returned missing entitlements, sometimes HGV but mostly Category A motorcycle entitlements, in some cases resulting in having to take a test again as they wouldn't admit their mistake. Well...
  2. Portugal

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from a two week ride around Portugal. Having never been to Portugal before it seemed like a useful way to use up some holiday entitlement from work I was in danger of losing, and get some dry miles on the bike. So, I booked the Portsmouth ferry to Spain, changed the oil in the Africa...
  3. Question (employment law/hols)

    Can any of you legal eagles or HR experts answer me a question? Without going into too much detail, I know about Statutory holiday entitlement etc, 5.6x5 days and all that bollox but I was reading through some direct gov sites and what not and I know about all the gumf that employers don’t...
  4. One for Wheelie - Car Insurance

    I've held a FULL licence for 20 years (catagory A only), but only recently (4 years ago) passed my Cat B (car).. Yet when I apply for car insurance they always ask how long I've had a FULL licence and not How long have I had full catagory B entitlement... So what is the proper answer to the...
  5. I got a supprise in the post today

    Last week I took out an insurance policy on a bike that I collect on Sunday, and the broker has been checking on the no claims entitlement that I stated I had, apparrently I hadn't asked for enough, so they've refunded the difference !!!! :blob7: :blob7: :blob7:
  6. eBike Insurance

    Just thought I'd warn those of you with eBike to keep records of your previous insurance and no claims entitlement. I just left them to go to Devitts, with no claims in the last 8 years. eBike however will only provide proof of no claims that states 5 years or more. Fortunately this hasn't a...
  7. Soft luggage....Possible ????

    Hi everyone. Got the opportunity of trying some oxford lifetime soft throwover panniers on my TA. They wont fit. Im trying to keep costs down as I wont be able to do a great deal of touring. Family comitments and lack of holiday entitlement :oops: Oh and a less than understanding wife when...