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  1. For Sale: Tyre Conti Escape 90/90/21 Near a damn it NEW

    For Sale / Wanted
    Its not new but cant have more than 100 miles on it check the pics £40 plus postage ono
  2. Problems fitting refurbisged shock absorber

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Just trying to fit my reconditioned shock absorber, but it appears the hose to the gas canister is in a different position to the one i took off. How can i get it repositioned- if you look at the photograph i cannot get the fuel pump back into position and it looks like the hose will...
  3. Fizzle, sizzle and hiss

    is the noise my airhead make since it was washed last week. Water is sitting in the gap between the rocker cover and head (above the centre bolt) and slowly boiling away. Now without taking the cover off again for a look, should there be a way for the water to escape or does it just sit there...
  4. Cheeky burglar!

    An injured burglar sued his getaway driver! Is this the most audacious thief? Disabled crook tries to sue getaway driver for injuries suffered during high speed escape from raid | Mail Online If you have time, here's the law report. Joyce & Anor v O'Brien & Anor [2012] EWHC 1324 (QB) (17...
  5. Continental Escape

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Has anyone used the Continental Escape tyres, I'm running TKC's at the moment and am really happy with them but a little more rubber on the road can't hurt and I was looking at changing to something with a little more road grip. Then I could always us Metz or Avons....
  6. continental escape tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Has anyone tried out the continental escape road/trail tyre. Read a report in mag`s the road magazine saying the tyre was amazing with 15000 miles on the test and still going! But it did`nt say if they are tubeless or tubed ? anybody know :rolleyes:
  7. Lucky escape (theiving wise)

    Got up for work this morning and noticed the back gate open, thats odd i thought, we always shut the back gate so the dog doesn't get out. Then i thought, sh!t someones been in, i quickly turn to the bike and she was still there but with the cover up over the bars (the wind don't blow it like...
  8. Conti Escape Tyre Tread

    Africa Twin
    Just got my bike out ready for the new season so decided to fit some new tyres aswell as the full service etc.. I fitted Conti Escapes front and rear and only when I finished do I notice that the treads are opposite way round for the front and rear. Basically the tread has a sort of u shape...
  9. Advice required please - CONTINENTAL ESCAPE tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Can anyone tell me what these are like in the wet and dry, mainly road work. If anyone can give me their opinion on what they would rank as top, out of these 3, I would be grateful. Of corse if any one would rank another type, tops that is in the same price bracket, please tell. These all sit...
  10. Lucky escape in BIG Accident on the A19!

    Friday night I was on my way up to Whitley Bay to my sister's house and was riding along the A19, as the fog got thicker north of Middlesborough I decided to slow down, not as much as I wanted though as other people were still going 70+ with visibility of less than 30m if that. Got to Peterlee...
  11. The Great Escape Rally

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    In January Pole and I decided to do an off-road enduro rally as we had never done one before but are both fans of off-roading, so after searching for a suitable rally we decided to go for the Great Escape Rally, in Zagan Poland on the 27th of March. We spent the following couple of months...
  12. Conti Escape Tyres

    Africa Twin
    I had a pair of Conti Escapes fitted on Saturday, and went out yesterday to scrub them in - It felt like a completely different bike! Covered 93 miles on a variety of roads from fastish A roads to gravel-strewn tracks, and so far I'm very happy with them particularly as I got them for £99...
  13. Preparation for the Great Escape Rally

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hey All, Me and Pole are signed up to the Great Escape Rally in Poland on the 27th of March, so I thought I'd post up a little bit about my preparation for the rally. As you may have seen in this post Pole and I bought KTM 525s and we decided to enter the rally. Pole's bike was fully kitted...
  14. Conti Escape Pressure

    Africa Twin
    Just swapped my Metzeler Enduro 3s (After 8,000 miles) for some conti Escape's. I'm struggling to find a pressure that feels right. I used to run at about 25psi rear and 28psi front. But that just doesn't seem right. Any advice? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  15. The way to escape may not at first be obvious

    Sorry, I've read the instructions a gazillion times but can't make the YouTube vid appear here so here's the link :thumbup:
  16. Lucky escape

    Seems like Lord Vader knows a thing or two about the weather - or maybe he's just lucky :D LV - I bet you're glad you picked up your new bike when you did. :thumbright: 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  17. Can't Escape Vader!!!

    I don't know if the anti biotics don't go down well with hot toddies but i think I'm being stalked by vader! went into the bathroom the other nite after the wife had just coloured someones hair and what to i see in all the stuff she's pulled off the womans hair? Then we go to a friends house...
  18. Correct rotation for Conti Escape tyres??

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just about to fit two Conti Escape tyres to TA 2006. On the front tyre the rotational arrow has 'front' printed on it. On the rear tyre the rotational arrow has 'rear' printed on it. My assumption is 'front' is for front wheel use only and 'rear' is for rear wheel use only. BUT, the tread...
  19. Continental Escape Tyres

    I thought I'd mention that I had a set of these fitted today. Absolutely brilliant. I normally hate having new tyres fitted on wet days but the Contis were really confidence inspiring even in this rubbish weather. Highly recommended based on todays findings. My dad has them on his 650 Dakar and...