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  1. Plume of Feathers, Dartmoor 11-14 September 2008

    Past National Meets
    So, 40 tent pitches have been booked at the Plume of Feathers, Princetown, Dartmoor, for the Thursday 11 September to Sunday 14 September. More space may be booked if we get the numbers up. There are also bunk houses with their own shower and little kitchen areas and the pub does B&B. There is...
  2. it could have been so much worse....

    bearing in mind I am leaving on Sunday for 4 weeks in Morocco...... About 2 miles from home heading for work yesterday - 60mph, gentle but bumpy left hander and I felt two brief stutters on the bike and then suddenly BANG BANG BANG BANG clatter clatter from the back wheel. You don't me to tell...
  3. It's SUPERDOG!!!!!!

    Errr, are these dogs for real or are they secret cyborgs that escaped fromt the set of Terminator 3????? Kymmy :cool:
  4. RAMMED! :-(

    Picture the scene - I'm ambling along behind a queue of cars on my way to the m/way to get back down here for work tomorrow. There's a stretch of road between 2 roundabouts about 250 M long coming up. The queue approaches the first r/about and they all go off right - I'm going left along with...
  5. Wales Tour - Rideout Report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Wales Tour - Rideout Report - Part 1 The Wales Tour – 5-9 March 2007 (Sponsored by Mars…) . PLEASE NOTE THIS REPORT IS IN 3 PARTS DUE TO PHOTO AND CHARACTER LIMITS - ANY RESPONSES PLEASE USE PART 3 ;) . Well, we’re now back safe & sound! The following took part in the trip… . . Left home at...