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  1. Applecoss and Skye and only one midge bite!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Apologies to Rick, may be meet up next time , set off before I got your PM.. sorry mate Well the weather was superb, and had a weekend to my self.. wife off on a girlie pamper trip with sister & daughter..... soo Dropped them off in Aberdeen a 1400hrs.. 1500hrs tent ( new Kayam biker, need...
  2. Luggage question for the National

    Past National Meets
    I'm just sorting out all my gear for the meet, (probably far too much stuff - plenty of dry warm clothes tho ;) ), and have a dumb ass question: What do you guys do when you go on rideouts - leave all non essential/non valuable stuff in your tent or keep it all on your bike???? Ive got a big...
  3. A Newbie - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining !

    Hi. I am a ‘newbie’, and was wondering if I could ask you all for a little advice. First though, what my Transalp means to me…. Last year, my marriage broke up, I met a new woman, who turned out to be the love of my life, the ‘One’. She got pregnant, with my Son. My only Son. I owned a...
  4. Things to take on camping tour?

    I've wangled 4 days away from the wife and kids in June (the price was high) I'm off up North for a few days Transalping and Camping. I looking forward to this trip. a bit like an Aboriginal walkabout. Lets hope it doesn't turn out like Deliverance! They're not like that up North are they? :eek...
  5. How self aware are you?

    I only ask because I am now very very drunk and able to "share" :D :D I feel really out of place in a car, it is just not me the times that I am most comforatble is when I have just got off the bike and have had a good ride. (no pun intended :D ) I feel as if my bike gear is my second...
  6. Tools for the road

    Just finished replacing my leaky original toolbox with a groovy Peli case so now I'm wondering what to put in it? Think the original tool kit constisted of a plug spanner, a few spanners, various crappy screwdrivers and some pliers? Can anyone who suggest the essentials to take with you on say...
  7. Dream Garage?

    Africa Twin fully tricked and upgraded money no object Honda XL500R 1985 Red original Honda RC30 original Honda XR400 BMW GL1200 Adventure new , with the full works Touratech gear Ducati 998 S (Not the new shape) Red Works paint scheme Honda RVF 750 R Special , original. Maybe a Hog...
  8. What to Pack

    Maybe this shouldn't be posted here but I wanted to know what essentials I'll need for my first road trip on my AT. A friend and I are planning a road trip to the east cost of spain and need to start planning.