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  1. Anyone tried This.

    This is supposed to be the next best thing in Watercooling Waterless Coolants for Classic and Vintage cars
  2. French alps - July 2008

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, To call it a ride-out is not really doing it justice! I'm off to the French alps for a week in early July on the TA, and I thought I'd announce it in case anyone fancies joining me. I've already booked the channel tunnel and a couple of nights accommodation, so I thought I'd mention it...
  3. A good place to find bikes

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys im still not 100% sure what bike im gunna get but i think it'll be whateva i can afford, although Idealy i would love a @t but not sure if i can afford 1, i don't mind an old one that needs work because that's half the fun!! But i was wondering where is a good place to look for them...
  4. National Motorcycle Week

    is all next week. :wav: Anybody doing anything evangelical to mark the event? At my company, all bikers(that includes anyone on motorised, two-wheel transport) gets a free T-shirt and free breakfasts. There'll also be a bike dealer in the car park giving test rides on scooters and...
  5. Hear the mighty Varadero's roar

    Mine got the scorpion cans on, with the baffle slightly modified.Chad just phoned me and i heard his Vara roar down the phone:cool: :cool: and i know robster is just waiting for a bit of time to get his new cans on.Evansr/torquemonster got scorpians on. Guys i think we should have a little meet...
  6. Converting the original fuelpump to a electronic ditto

    Africa Twin
    ;) I watched a TV progamme on the Discovery Channel entiteled "A MG is borne" with Mark Evans. In this programme they renovated the whole car of cause but what interessed me was that they converted the standard MG fuel pump with ignition points to an electronic pump using a conversion kit...
  7. The Ryka's " Pass the Hammerite" tour

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK, OK, before someone else (Vader) comes along to tell you all I decided to lay my bike down for a short rest, I'll come clean. It was a low speed spill - all my fault. I was heading along this lovely country lane, enjoying the ride, when I suddenly realised I need to do a sharp right turn. I...
  8. This Africa Twin Thing

    Africa Twin
    I bought my AT in late summer last year as a winter hack to protect my pristine Fazer 1000. Nothing more. Since then I've ridden the AT so much I simply think it's brilliant. So much so in fact that on Friday I sold the Fazer. I would still like a second bike and I'm thinking of a TDM900...
  9. Saint Chad

    Chaps and chapesses (or should that be Chads and Chadesses?) I suggest a homage to our very own St Chad. I heard on the radio about some bit of St Chad’s tomb that is going on display for the first time. Apparently it is the one of the earliest examples of such sculpture. It is in Lichfield...
  10. Which boot?

    I'm looking for my first pair of boots and I'm in two minds over what to get. I'd guess 90% of my riding is going to be on road rather than off, so why would I go for a motorcross boot rather than a "sports" boot? About the only advantage I can see at the moment is the ability to fend off Mr...