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  1. Brake pedal movement

    Africa Twin
    I got an advisory on last years mot re excessive movement of the brake pedal and my mot is due shortly ;) Are there shims between the frame and the pedal shaft , or will I have to buy a new/ 2nd hand pedal ?? Or a new frame :o:D Cheers in anticipation :thumbup:
  2. Is this normal ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi The speedometer needle on my RD07A starts flickering from around 40mph ( quite smooth up to then ) and is most pronounced at just beyond 60 mph (nothing excessive but noticeable). I was wondering is this normal or is there something causing it ? Thanks for any advice :thumbright:
  3. calling stormforce....

    about time you bought this forum off its current owner and got it back to its former glory and got rid of the excessive & american advertising!!!! hell, I'd even renew my subscription......
  4. high screen 88 dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    i have a standard screen on my 88 dommie but recently saw a high screen which will be usefull for my winter commute I have seen them advertised ,but that is in the states the cost was reasonable but postage was far to much and 3 to 4 week wait seems excessive. Does anyone have a link to where i...
  5. Chain life TA700

    My chain and sprockets are due for renewal at about 14,000 miles. I was wondering whether this is a good mileage for the chain or whether it's excessive. All it's been used for is commuting on roads so there's been no extra wear from off-road mud or grit. Cheers, Karl
  6. excessive play in forks

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm new to the board and have a question for you guys. I have an early africa twin RD03 which I've owned for less than a year which has just failed an Mot because "the front fork assembly has excessive play between the sliding members" The bike shop think its probably down to the fork...