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  1. A French Excursion

    Knowing that I'm quite keen on a nice Transalp, an Australian chum thought I'd need to see this ... Mon Dieu ... qu'est-ce ?
  2. For Sale: Camping Bits for your summer excursions

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, as the weather improves your thoughts might move to taking your bike further and farther. For Solo and lightweight peeps how about a nice Wild Country Zephros 1 Tent (£70 to your UK door) For bigger folks or cosy pairs how about an all but new Vango Banshee 200 (£75 to your UK...
  3. New Transalp 650 owner from Essex UK

    Greetings Thought I'd pop in and register on this established forum, as I've just picked up a 2001 XL650V Transalp to go with my VTR1000F Firestorm 1997. I've had the Storm from 2000 and done 60,000 miles and need to take it apart for a spruce up and so got the Tranny so I won't be off the...
  4. Tuscany 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I am not very good at many things and writing up a ride report features pretty high on the list but I thought I’d better say a few words….make sure your PC’s are set on WAPENGLISH…. The Tuscan trip started with bad omens…..I discovered a big nail in the rear tyre the evening before we were due...
  5. I've been Tango'd

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Well, sort of . . . . . . . cos it’s white and not orange! Eldest has just gone and purchased a 2010 990 Adventure, and this morning we went for a little spin, just to check out the new rides abilities. Here are the pair of them on their first dirt excursion together. And here we see his...
  6. Two go mad in the Scottish Borders - Again.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well you can’t keep a good man down and despite still not quite being in tip top condition the call of the hills lured me out for another afternoon of discovery and adventure. The plan was to investigate an old road that appeared to be a public right of way but according to the shepherd I met...
  7. Dales jaunt.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As promised here are a few pictures from my weekend excursion into the Yorkshire Dales. I took the long way down going by Keilder, Hexam then on to Blanchland and Stanhope. The road over Stanhope moor from Blanchland. From Stanhope I nipped up to Alston. Alston station. Then on to Middleton in...
  8. Win a GS on BMW’s German tour

    Fancy winning a BMW GS F800 or R1200? Try this year’s nine-day, tenth anniversary Motorrad Days tour to Garmisch, Germany, on 30 June - 09 July 2010. Crowds are expected to exceed 40,000. Entertainment will range from displays by European Stunt Riding Champion, Chris Pfeiffer, a BMW Classic...
  9. CRF wheels

    CRF - New Forum!
    Does anyone know where i can buy a spare set of crf230wheels from? I use the bike mostly for commuting and am about to put some 'road' tyres on with a view to putting the 'knobblies' on when an offroad excursion is planned. If i had a spare set of wheels i could also have a different...
  10. Trails in Wales

    Just back from a terrific week trailing & touring in South Wales, based at a campsite in near Brecon. Big thanks to local riders Steve & Fred who showed us a few of their favourite trails and gave us a thorough 180 mile workout last Sunday - some of the longest and most scenic trails I've ever...
  11. Grease up my Tranny

    Right now i have your attention. :thumbup: After the heavy rain on Saturday and my little excursion through a 2 foot deep puddle (Did wonder why the cars didn't go down that road) it seems to of removed what grease/lube there was on various moving parts as it were (to the bike not myself) so...
  12. Hello all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello Chums, I live in Bridgend South Wales and have been biking for a few too many years. My last two bikes were Varaderos, which I toured all over Europe and really enjoyed. I’ve been a subscriber to the Varadero forum ever since and still am. I had an excursion into off road riding a year or...
  13. Africa Twin and Friends ride Report

    Past National Meets
    Hi Folks I've posted a full report and pictures of the Saturday trail excursion on the lanes of Devon. Please visit, which is the Tamar Valley Trail Riders web site, and click on Ride Reports. ;)
  14. Marcin gda Accident

    Marcin gda has had a crash whilst on holiday in Spain. During an off-road excursion his throttle stuck open and he hit a rather large tree.:( He has a broken leg and a dislocated right hip, he is on the mend and seems in good spirits.:D:D The downside is that his 2003 R/W/B @ is a bit bent...
  15. Hi all ;-)

    Just checking in from sunny Dubrovnik, had some dreadful rain through France, the Alps and Dolomites, all come good in the end tho. Having a well earned day off the bike today, the excursion to Mostar in Bosnia was an eye opener yesterday. Tomorrow Montenegro then Albania, Macedonia and Greece...
  16. Recommend me accommodation please…..

    My brother and I are going on 2 week long courses from the 28th-04-08 for two weeks. The first one is in Newcastle-Upon-Thyne and the second week is in Leeds. We're going on the bike so secure (as possible) parking is also a factor. We're on abit of a budget so no Hilton lodgings for this...
  17. Invitation to the 16. International Transalp Treffen 2008

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Transalp Riders! In name of the Transalp Club Hellas I would like to invite you all to the 16. International Transalp Treffen 2008 in Parga, Greece, held from May 1. to May 4. 2008. Info: Here is the invitation I received from Kostas and which I would like to share...
  18. Tyre Advice

    I've been thinking of changing my tyres ready for the national and after the recent chiltern off road excursion. Read through many of the threads about different tyres and narrowed it down to a few,the tourances for one and the TKC's for another as well as the escapes.Really fancy the TKC's...
  19. Rusty Nuts Grand Challenge 2006

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Once a year in a land far far away a group of hardcore bikers gather for a weekend of pain and perseverance. A campsite in a small town in the middle of the north island of new zealand becomes the centre of operation for the Rusty Nuts 1000 mile grand challenge. Riders come from all over and...
  20. Do you know where I can get this?

    This looks like an ideal piece of off-road kit. Anybody know this or know where I can get it in time for the Salisbury excursion? America Website