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  1. Chatter
    Does anyone work in an institution that still had toilets reserves for executive use only? I was told earlier on today about someone who was spoken to as they had gone and used the loos on the executive floor in their place of work. I really thought that sort of thing was in the past.
  2. Africa Twin
    Here is I ended my modifs, I present you my work My motorcycle Africa Twin of 1993 the first RD07 when I had him(it) I put: - Une bulle Haute de ERMAX - Béquille centrale - Support porte U d'une RD07A - installation d'un GPS TOMTOM Rider - montage d'un pare chute Mavec But after about...
  3. Chatter
    Dear Mr Wilkinson Please find confirmation letter with regard to the cancellation of Motorcycles. Dear Customer, Please accept my deepest personal apologies for having to cancel your motorcycle booking with SpeedFerries. Unfortunately, we will have to stop carrying all kinds of...
  4. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    the bods behind Baja GB 2007 have passed on the latest press release to me for the 2007 event, if anybody is interested the information is as below: BAJA WALES LIMITED ANNOUNCES RUNNING OF NEW-LOOK BAJA GB IN AUGUST 2007 · Britain’s first international Baja set to run over challenging...
  5. Mechanical Advice
    if you use this lock read this post and watch the vidoes A 50-year-old lock design was rendered useless last week when a brief post to an internet forum revealed the lock can be popped open with a cheap plastic pen. On Sunday, bike enthusiast and network...
1-5 of 6 Results