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exhaust baffles

  1. Wanted: Wanted: MIVV Exhaust Baffles

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    Hopefully someone may have a pair available as I really want to avoid ordering from a dealer if possible. The exhaust baffles are for a 56 KTM 950 SM PM me
  2. Exhaust baffles

    Africa Twin
    Please excuse me for asking this question...It may be common knowledge but this is my vigin experience here..... I have a 1992 @ and have just removed the motor for some much needed maitenance / rebuild. As I removed the exhaust pipes from the cylinder heads, I notoced what appeared to be large...
  3. Exhaust baffles

    Just fixed my blowing exhaust on my Vara:thumbright: Thanks to other threads on this ere forum, I managed to fix it by just removing the header pipe from the rear cylinder and replace the offending baffle, which had completely disintegrated, and fit a new clamp, non Honda. £25 for an oem one...
  4. FX650 to France - touring modifications worked a treat!

    Dominator / FMX
    I've just got back from a long weekend near Bayeux. I covered over 1000 miles in 4 days, a lot of which was the ride from Sheffield to Portsmouth and the return leg from Poole to Sheffield. Last year I did a similar trip on a Fazer600 which was obviously more suited to the task, so in...
  5. Baffle question

    Hi again , just bought an xr 400 and the exhaust baffles are missing ! will it pass an M.O.T without ?:confused: