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  1. XR 250 Exhuast...quieter!

    Hi guys, a query on my not long owned XR250. I had noticed that my exhaust is somewhat louder than I would like, so I thought I would repack it. So out with the bolts and off with the end and to my surprise I find just a short length of wire gauze, approx. 4 inches long and nothing else until...
  2. Wanted: NX650 cylinder head, countershaft, gear linkage shaft

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking to source a NX650 cylinder head with no exhuast studs snapped off in it! Also need a countershaft as the splines on mine are gone and likewise for the gear lever shaft. Thanks, Chris.
  3. Sold: Africa Twin Motad Exhuast and link pipe £45 + postage

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just before I ebay it I have a Africa Twin Motad Venom Exhuast and link pipe for £45 + postage if anyone is looking for one. Its undamaged and sounds great! Came of my RD07A Thanks Mike
  4. xr exhuast insert/ Spark Arrester? does it make it quieter?

    Hi all, been a while since I've been on here so firstly hello!:thumb: I've got a xlr250baja '92 reg. Just ridden it all way through winter with a rather antisocial exhaust! Its some cheap carbon fibre thing with holes all over. But it did pass a MOT with it on(deaf mot inspecter! lol) So After...
  5. New Exhuast System needed

    Hey Everyone! I need a set of front pipes for my 89 600v Transalp, i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations before i went searching? Thanks Mat
  6. Would a xr350RE/RD 83/84 exhuast fit my xlr250baja?

    Would a xr350RE/RD 83/84 exhuast fit my xlr250baja? Must admit aint done much internet searching yet, but thought i'd ask and see if one of you knowledgable fellows knew. Thanks Rich
  7. Exhuast pipe /paint/treatment

    Africa Twin
    As you all know I'm rebuilding my RD04 . Anton and Bob A suggested cleaning parts as they came off the bike. Sticking to the advice so far , it's slow , but stuff is getting sorted. Any way has any one got a trick or a product they use or would recommend to freshen up exhaust pipes? Took the...
  8. An exhuast question!

    Hi all, My xlr250 92' reg has rather scruffy and a bit loud carbon fibre 'end can', was at my local garage at the weekend and while he said it was not the loudest, particularly at idle, and he would have no problems putting it through a MOT (and he has not MOT'd a bike I had before because of a...
  9. 2001 rear exhuast

    will the rear exhaust of a 2001 transalp fit a 98 600 transalp:o gratful for advice