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  1. RD07 Thermostat/ cooling issue.

    Africa Twin
    OK so I'm on a roll now asking questions! Bike warms up lovely when stationary, temperature gauge showing where it should be however, as soon as I start riding gauge drops to zero. I'm guessing that either a/ Thermostat knackered b/ Thermostat doesn't exist. If either a or b I need to replace...
  2. Wanted: LED replacement bulb for rear tail light

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has anyone found a replacement for the Stanley 12v 21/5v (#34906-MBB-611) tail light bulb? I've been searching Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Google with no luck. You can find single filament bulb replacements but the two filaments don't seem to exist. Thanks- Harry
  3. Cylinder sleeves Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Anybody know do the replacement cylinder sleeves (100.00mm) exist for Dommy and who sells that? Thanx
  4. Do 2mm leather jackets exist?

    Hi guys I am looking quite hard online for 2mm leather jackets but it seems the 1.1-1.4mm range is mostly in fashion. Anyone knows of a good brand that makes leather thickness higher than that range please? Thanks
  5. XL650 bolt kits, do they exist?

    I've found kits on for the 600 and the 700 but nothing for the 650, I'm sure they are similar but I'd rather get the correct kit and a source for individual bolts as I need them. I'm in the UK but happy to pay for shipping.
  6. Who makes the best repro stickers for an RD03?

    Africa Twin
    I am extremely touchy when it comes to reproduced stickers. Been working for 20 years as an art director and can easily make the difference between superb and the rest. I can reproduce the logos with Illustrator myself (been using it since 1987), but perhaps good exemples already exist. Who has...
  7. Will removing the neutral switch make oil pour out?

    Africa Twin
    Hello anyone. I'm about to remove the neutral switch from my RD03 and being worried the engine/transmission oil will coming pooring out I feel obliged to ask here first. Does anyone know if my worries have a reason to exist? Roger
  8. regional meets wales ?

    Regional Meets
    is there such thing any more ,cannot see any info ,does it still exist thanks richie
  9. Info about RD07 front lights

    Africa Twin
    Hi everybody, I am italian and I am owner of a 20 years old Rd07 version P. For the italian market the bulbs for the front lights of RD07 are BA20d model 35w and are H4 55w for the RD07a model. I would to know if the same difference exist in UK market or the bulbs for RD07/RD07a are the same...
  10. Rattling sound at 2000 & 4000 RPM....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Recently, my 2001 AT started to produce rattling sound when I throttle exactly at 2000 and 4000 rpm, +/-100rpm. The sound will be gone when the engine runs at other rpms. This seems very much like the resonance of some mechanical parts, as it is excited by the above 2 rpms, probably at...
  11. Safe House Thread / Forum..

    Hello folks, I seem to remember two threads or forums that related to the safe house concept. One was a moderated group the other open to everyone. I'm in the process of planning a trip on my 25 year old Transalp without breakdown cover and would like to find either of the threads / forums if...
  12. Super Villain Garage

    Just a little something to stimulate discussion... You’re a budding super villain, looking to make your name in the villain world. Money is no object, but you don’t yet rule the world so some practicalities exist. At your sprawling estate in the Cotswolds you only have a 5 car garage, which you...
  13. 700 transalp standard exhaust - removing baffles ?

    Excuse my ignorance, is it possible / easy to remove the baffles on the standard exhaust ? If so how? Alternatively, which is the loudest aftermarket exhaust that will fit this bike, to let other road users know that you do actually exist and you are approaching !!!!
  14. Radiator Guard?

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, can't seem to find a radiator guard for the new CRF 250L. Does anyone know if they exist or if one from a different bike will fit? Thanks
  15. Kjell a favour please

    I had a look around but I can't find any info on the primus rally. Does it still exist? Would you maybe have a link for it? I only can find older reports
  16. Hella into Ciggie socket

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, I'm struggling to find a suitable Hella mounting point, and so wondered if there might be something I could use. Hella plug into ciggie accessory socket (already have one of these wired in) After a few t'internet searches I can only find ciggie socket into hella, not the other way...
  17. TA 600 Tank Bag. Do they exist?

    Is there anyone who makes a Tank bag that would fit the 600TA? The only company i know of is Baglux where you have to buy the tank cover then a bag which comes out rather expensive. There must be a cheaper option out there??
  18. Hugger for 125 where?? I reckon they dont exist!

    (I have searched honest!) i can see a few websites selling ones for the 1000 but not the 125?? but i have seen them as mods on a few for sale?? can anyone help? theres a pint in it for you! i had a little training ride in a carpark today and cant believe how soaked the shock gets.... cheers
  19. RD03 dash covers ... do they even exist?

    Africa Twin
    Greetings again everyone ...... I swear, over the last 4 or 5 days I have spent more time researching parts and things, as well as websites, related to the RD03, than I have had to with my other bikes .... What have I gotten myself into ????? An @ addiction I do believe. :D So here's the...
  20. Crankcase cover gaskets - do they exist?

    I am right in thinking that there's a gasket underneath the right hand (clutch side) crankcase cover - no? The Haynes manual makes reference to it on page 2.44 ("locate the new gasket onto the dowels..."), so why can't I see it in the fiche or find it in the electronic parts catalogue at...