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  1. Fuel Tap / fuel cock orientation - AT 1993

    Africa Twin
    My Africa Twin 1993 does not have a petrol tap / fuel cock lever. I am trying to turn out a lever that can be screwed on to the tap spline; however I have no idea at which orientation the On, OFF and RESERVE is. Can anyone help with an image of an existing fuel tap?
  2. Found: yeah, like i need encouragement to an existing idea.

    For Sale / Wanted
    cheap & good feedback if can be believed. Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD07 Cover, Seat upholstery, Modification | eBay
  3. 96' TA600 - knock-knock sound in drive

    Hi folks, So I'm in the middle of an EU roadtrip and have started developing a particular knock-knock, or clunk-clunk, whatever your poison... its a rhythmic double sound followed by a short pause, repeat. Most audible in first to third gears and either goes away above 40mph, or I can't hear...
  4. Shedding weight for free

    Africa Twin
    I googled and I "search"ed but found nothing....but if you know of an existing thread, please let me know :) I'm trying to figure out what (weight) I can get rid of on my newly acquired ('91) AT. I'm a solo rider (I don't have a lot of personal weight to lose as I run a fair bit and am...
  5. Your help needed

    Hi all I have just purchased what I think is a 1982 XR250 that I plan to restore, it has drum brakes front and rear I would like to change these to discs does anyone know if I can put a newer forks on to my existing yokes and also could I change the rear swing arm with one that has a disc break...
  6. GPS Satnav power supply from charger plug

    Bodgers Corner
    I have a charger plug fitted to most of my bikes so I decided to take my GPS/Satnav USB power from there. I brought 2 different Chinese Cheapo 12v to USB converters that are much smaller than the socket converters that are not an easy shape to stow on a bike. A small inline converter with 1m...
  7. MCN Fantasy Road Race 2014

    Competitions / Trials
    Finally its arrived. Difference this year is that it is only Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 Sign up here To join XRV league If you already know a Private League Chairman, ask them for their Private League PIN. Once you have this, click on the ENTER NEW LEAGUE...
  8. Suggested ProOiler location on 2007 Vara

    When i started to fit Pro-Oiler on the Vara, i realised that the tank does not fit where it is supposed to (probably did on the earlier versions), under the seat, just in front of the rear light. this space is taken up by the famous electronic box. I also realised that the old Transalp is much...
  9. Shocking shock?

    Africa Twin
    The one that came with my RD04 was of the MOT fails, leaking oil and I'll admit was dog-rough - felt like a camel with a broken back! I was going to get a refurb, Brook Suspension or FTR both look good, but I Ebayed a shock from a breakers for 70 nicker (quoted as from a 30k miles...
  10. Charging Voltages.

    Africa Twin
    Due to the manky weather I've been in the garage tinkering and thought I'd check whether the bike has got the original reg/rec,it seems it has and I checked the plug connections for burning etc and all seemed fine.I started the bike from cold and let it tickover and checked charge at the battery...
  11. Replacement rims and spokes for Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    My existing 1990 Dominator rims have a very bad case of wheel rot. I have been looking for replacement wheels on ebay but have been unable to find any that I could trust were any better than mine - everybody seems to advertise them still with worn out tyres fitted which is suspicious in my eyes...
  12. Saying hello - new owner of 2000 Honda XR400RY

    Afternoon All, Just saying hello, have bought a 2000 Honda XR400RY (800 miles only) for continuing my education with the Loddon Vale TRF guys.:thumbup: Have been riding a 1973 XL250 Motorsport for a couple of years and wanted to get a little more modern and something better for my stature at...
  13. subscription

    Let me get this right..... The forum is now free to try and attract new members. My subscription ran out a few weeks ago. Now I get all the advertising. So as an existing member I have to pay full dues just for someone to flick the advertisement switch off.:( Rant Over Mike
  14. Touratech headlight protector

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anyone got one of these headlight protectors on their Africa Twin? I'm thinking of getting one to save my headlights. How easy are they to fit and do you need to drill any holes? I know it says it uses existing holes, so are the side supports just sat on the faring? Cheers Headlight cover...
  15. Engine paint on 2002 AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    The clutch cover on my 2002 is a showing signs of corrosion under the existing paint, so I'm going to clean it back and prime and paint it in situ. Can anyone advice what shade of paint (probably from Halfords) matches the existing Honda paint?
  16. Varadero & the fitting of longer forks.

    Hi, As you might have read I am in the process fitting a 17” front wheel to the bike & I will be losing around 1” in height up front, so I have also been looking into increasing the length of the forks to compensate. I looked into screw in fork extenders a while ago and after reading about...
  17. For Sale: Carbon fibre RD04 panels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Not for sale yet Would there be much interest in getting some copies of RD04 panels made from Carbon fibre? These would replace existing panels but be much harder wearing. I'd need to send off my panels to be used as moulds and they'd be destroyed in the process (so if anyone has any un-used...
  18. Even More Help please - TomTom Rider 1

    Hi Folks Got given free, a Rider 1 with 2006 uk maps. Registered on TomTom Home. Went for updates that were advised for my device, and got message saying "not enough room on existing card". Bought 8GB SD card from Teco and the TomTom site does not recoginize my unit.. Am I doing something wrong...
  19. My Tall Rider Modifications to my 650 TA: Raise handlebars by 200mm and seat 100mm

    Here’s some photos of my 650 Transalp before I made any serious changes to it. Bog Stock 2003 Australia model. 20010-...
  20. Dominator custom questions???

    Dominator / FMX
    hello, I've had a dominator with the intention of building a custom bike out of it for a few months but the weather has been putting me off until recently. I have a couple of questions which I can't find proper answers to. If someone could help answer them I'd appreciate it. EXHAUST - I want...