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  1. Photography
    Can anybody recommend me a ruck sack to carry the following:- Canon 60d body Canon 50mm prime lens Canon 18-55 lens Canon 55-250 lens Sigma 150 - 500 lens Flash gun Small camcorder. Tripod So far i'm thinking about :- Tamrac expedition 7 Lowe-pro flipside 500 lowe-pro vertex 300 lowepro...
  2. Africa Twin
    its been a while i know:mrgreen:but hey guys, TIA, This Is Africa! since my last postings i'f traversed Africa west-east-east-west four times on my trusty Twin. Solo mostly, and once with the GF on the back. Still without a hickup and purring along nicely (thats not the GF im refering to..)...
  3. Regional Meets
    Just a thought, anyone off here fancy this SW France trail riding/camping expedition 2012 - ADVrider
  4. Discounts / Deals
    Hi there everyone, Just to let you know this is a business post and has been done with the authority and blessing of the Web Administrator Dave who I have kept in contact with throughout the process. I have also paid my £12 subscription prior to posting. Is the...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have any Andy Strapz expedition panniers that they want to sell? wont be getting any for about 6 weeks and I could do with some now...
  6. Africa Twin
    Has anybody got any experience of these Aussie items on an @? Tried hard before and thinking about going soft for a while (fnar fnar). Want to know if they will be okay without a rack to lift them away from the standard exhaust...
1-6 of 6 Results