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  1. swapping dominator engines

    Dominator / FMX
    my engine is a 1990 ish motor my question is can I fit any of the variant of motor.I see some later ones have some sort of valve thing fitted on the left hand side of the barrel what is this. My motor needs a rebore by the sound of it (rattles badly at low revs under load,I assume piston slap)...
  2. One year on....

    Since purchasing the budget priced (new 'uns could be had for 5.5k at the time) 650 Strom just over a year ago, it struck me that this is one of the few recent bikes that has managed to break the '9 month honeymoon' period! As I'm now Transalp-less it'll be here a while longer. Overall, the...
  3. New Owner of little bit tatty1998 SLR 650 info needed

    Dominator / FMX
    As a new owner of a rather shabby but mechanically sound SLR 650 I would be grateful for any advice Is there anywhere online that I can get an Owners/Workshop manual? The bike needs a new seat cover but I guess that can be recovered locally although I would like to have the 650 logo on it...
  4. Watch out, new stealth cameras on motorways !

    Has any account been published of the total spend, so far, of how much the installation of the nationwide coverage of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, and supporting hardware, has cost the taxpayers of the United Kingdom ? Has there been any published economic...
  5. fitting Hepco and Becker top box rack onto OE rack

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone fitted a Hepco and Becker top box rack onto the Africa Twin OE rack? (I'm thinking of the steel L-shapped H&B rack for their bigger top boxes, not the flat plastic thing for the smaller/cheaper ones). Now, there is a specific AT rack, but what worries me is that some pictures I've...
  6. For Sale: HD rack and boxes USED ONCE

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of HD (Polish company called Heavy Duties) rack and two large black plastic boxes which are basically waterproof tool/video equipment boxes for an Africa Twin RD07. All used once on a 3 day trip to Cornwall but have since sold the bike. Looking for £125 collected from Basildon...
  7. Wilbers Monoshock.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am thinking of buying a Wilbers monoshock for my flattracker project . Have any of you chaps used one on a dommie and are they worth the expense? They have two types for the RD02. The eco-line 540 and the 640 which is about £60 more expensive. Is it worth paying the extra just to have the...
  8. Chain and sprockets

    Dominator / FMX
    What is the standard length of chain and how many teeth on the sprockets for my 94 Dommie? I have seen them for sale on fleabay with 108 links and 110 links. I would like to keep standard gearing but wouldnt mind a bit faster acceleration at the expense of top end speed.:thumbup: Is x-ring...
  9. Sidi Flexforce straps needed.

    Hi guys I have been wearing a paif of Sidi Flexforce boots for several years. A bit overkillish for daily riding, but hey I almost lost a leg years back due to braindead car driver so a bit paranoid. The straps have just started to give up the ghost and I cant find replacements anywhere. The...
  10. Free legal expenses insurance ? Scotland Whealie

    would appreciate Whealies opinion on this please , MLS | FREE Legal Expense Protection
  11. 18" Rear wheel...

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Does any one thing it could be worth the effort/expense? Would allow a fine choice of tyres!!
  12. DNA Air Filters

    DNA - High Performance Filters Anyone used these on their TA? A search didn't yield any results. They are quite highly thought of on the Yam XT660 forum. K&N's seem to be the high-flow filters people many people think of, but I have heard the odd report about high flow coming at the expense of...
  13. Advice reqd for Tomtom One waterproof cover & m/c mount

    Hi Everyone, Been thinking about a satnav for the @ for a while, then my sis turns up one day asking me if I'd like her old Tomtom which was now surplus to requirements due to upgrading, could'nt believe my luck, perfect size for use on the bike and free :-D (I was thinking of one of these...
  14. Wanted: Front & Rear Rims For AT (RD07a)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Before I go to the expense of buying new, does anyone have any spare rims kicking about? Sizes are; Front 21 x 1.85 (36 hole) Rear 17 x 3 (32 hole) But an 18 rim would be ok. Cheers
  15. Trialer expense

    Bodgers Corner
    I have been wanting a trailer to transport some bikes to events, prices are crazy for what they are. Went to local steel merchants and got quoted for 2" x 2" & 4" x 2" box sections it was going to cost £200 for steel alone not including suspension unit and tow hitches light etc. But would still...