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  1. Your experince of lower footpegs?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! I am 193cm tall and want a more comfortable standing (and sitting) position on my xrv. ...thinking about ordering custom made lower footpegs from this guy sell 45 mm lower pegs but someone adviced me to move the pegs...
  2. HELP! Urgent advice is gearbox terminal?

    Africa Twin
    please advise, all booked to do the Elephant Rally leaving on Tuesday, So tighghtend the chain up a bit as you do before a longish trip. Just been to the shops and the bike is making all the wrong noises on the overrun if you snap the throttle shut there is a nasty bearing whine/rumble. if i...
  3. Painting plastics

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to deepen and darken the colour of the paintwork on my bike but apart from the tank all the other panels are plastic. I assume they are the same colour all the way through and not just painted. I have done a bit of research online and understand I would need to clean the parts...
  4. a chain & sprocket question

    Mechanical Advice
    having just noticed that my rear sprocket has gone from a bit worn to totally sha**ed in not many miles, I need a new chain and sprockets pretty quick - especially as the TA is my daily commuter.... having noticed some farcklel-y / pimp-y gold sprockets on bikes :thumbright: - this results in...
  5. Bike choice

    just got into trail riding in the summer (shame I've only found it now I'm 50, unbelivable fun), only been out 4 or 5 times had an XR250 which was stolen from my garage last week. So need to replace it when insurance pays out. Having only experince on this bike off road would like to get another...
  6. Today i practised

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    LV, Jamie-Lee,Insainewayne and myself went to Rykas again today the ride today was a much more relaxed one, its all starting to come together the gear selections , speed etc. The trip on the way was really good, except an expected hill start (some **** decided to turn at the last moment) once...
  7. AT Full Service price !!

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone,, I am looking to replace the front Sprocket on my AT to the Honda Original sprocket. (Only discovered 2 days ago that the one fitted is not Honda Original) , So I visited the local honda dealership today.. They told me I can only buy as a full kit (Front, rear + chain).. which is...
  8. Advice on Boots

    Africa Twin
    Hi.. Has anyone had any experince wearing the OXTAR boots? I am looking to buy off road boots at the moment and set my eyes on the OXTAR range. Either TCX , Dune or the Space ? Not sure which is best to go for among all three..Has anyone wore the OXTAR Space boots ? I know its always best...
  9. St Petersburg

    Been meaning to post this for a whille. As some of you know I'm heading to Russia this year (touch wood fingers crosssed etc etc etc bar another broken leg...) Our route takes us to St Petersburg. Am going to post this on HU but wondered if anyone had any experince of accomadation (with secure...
  10. track day

    Africa Twin
    has anyone taken there @ on a track day, there one at the local track (snetterton) for novices at 89 quid a pop, wondered if anyone had any experince as i want to get a bit more confident with my @ as i am still a little wobblty and precautious after 6 months on it