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  1. Boosterplug ?

    Hi there, anyone tried this boosterplug or have experiences with it. Just fitted Mivv cans, considering K&N filter and this thingy, Detailed explanation on the BoosterPlug
  2. Valve timing

    Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone point me in the direction of some reading material that would explain the intricacies the valve/camshaft timing? I'm after something that would explain the effects of altering the valve timing - ie what effect altering the valve open times would have on the engine's performance I...
  3. is RD04 standard tripmaster equiped?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am still on the look out to buy a Africa Twin. Some RD04 are equiped with the tripmaster and other don't have it installed. Was this an option at the time or what is the possible explanation that some twins have it and others don't? Take care,
  4. The art of motorcycle maintenance South London

    I got my first bike, a Transalp, back in Feb this year and I have to admit I don't have the first clue about repairing or maintaining it (beyond the basic pre-ride checks). When I take it in for a service the explanation of work from the mechanic sounds like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon...
  5. cock-up

    Nothing to do with biking this. We all make mistakes and I just made a humdinger. I hate it. I got someone's name wrong in article I wrote and, worse, I got the company he worked for wrong. The company I said he worked for, I didn't even speak to for the article so I have no idea why I thought I...
  6. Touring Screens

    Well, I never would've thought it would prove such a hassle to replace my screen with another tall black one! Despite M&P showing whatever colour you want in their catalogue, on the phone they say I can only have clear or light tint - which isn't what I want. Nor do I want to wait 4 weeks for...
  7. Devon scrumpy induced a sex change

    There`s no other explanation for it. Partway through a night of drinking the Devon scrumpy that one of the UKGSers very kindly took to the Llangollywog meeting for me,a chemical reaction must have induced a sex change within me.......:downtown: Nothing I said made any sense I couldn`t...
  8. Wonder?

    I own a house which is now worth £525,000 but i was looking at the Building insurance today and for Insurance purposes the house is valued at £74,000 so i called the Insurance company and asked for an explanation. They told me that if the house was completely destroyed they estimate it could be...
  9. Norway "Buckride" 2007

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I mentioned this one to Dave S at the end of last year (was actually in Weston-S-M for a subdued xmas, as dad was having an op.- all went ok) - and was advised to post here. Every year in Norway, the Norwegian OTC (Offroad Touring Club) host a ride-out called "Bukkerittet". I have not...
  10. Africa twin Fuel Tap

    Mechanical Advice
    Oxford Hotgrips.....fantastic. Plastic fuel tap oooooopppppppss, now repiared with epoxy. I started off the day planning to take my time and fit a pair of oxford hotgrips, which were an early xmas present off the missus. I decided to remove the panels and fuel tank to have a better look at...
  11. What on earth.....

    Chatter a wiki You may or may not have seen the new link at the top of the page, it's for the wiki. This is where all the articles are moving. We're moving them to the wiki because of the way a wiki works. Quite simply, everyone can edit the pages. wikipedia has a good explanation As an...
  12. Bike Found! Northants Police Crap! Read all about it!

    A quick re-cap for you all: My RD04 was nicked during the night of Wed 1st June. Between then and now I have received two calls from the police to say how unusual it was for bikes to be stolen in my village, cant remember the last time etc etc. Unfortunately they didn't ring to say they'd...
  13. Melvin Hunter - Seats?

    Africa Twin
    Just spoke to , i think to be melvin hunter regarding a seat for my AT. After questioning i was not convinced that his explanation of what he did to cure the problem was going to be ok. SO, i am asking you folks to give me your unbiased opinion of the seat he produces.
  14. Do you know what a wiki is?

    If this is a strange question then you probably don't.. If you do that's great.. For those that don't, here's a short explanation.. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means you could write a page for the site on.... anything at all.. from within the site.. no need to learn HTML :shock...
  15. Will these tyres fit my 03 TA?

    Just done one of those tyre fitment things on the dunlop internet site and they have recommended a tyre for my TA that isn't quite the size that it should be. My current rear tyre size is 120/90-17. Dunlop suggests that a D607 will fit but the size of the D607 is 130/80-17. I'm still unsure of...
  16. Terminal rattle?

    Africa Twin
    Oh dear, this week isn't really going very well! After the wheel bearing failure up north, I've now got a persistant rattle that I can't identify, and then this afternoon the bike cut out for reasons unknown. Riding through the mountains my GPS started trying to switch to battery power (ironic...
  17. Site Problems

    Occasionally I cock things up or my hosts may have a problem which brings the site down. I'll post back here on these occasions with an explanation of what happened just for reference really. And I'll also post here when I'm goign to do some development which may stop the site working, and what...