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  1. Over torquing bolts

    Mechanical Advice
    While on the subject of over torquing bolts (see have a look at the brake calliper bolt I pulled out the XR400. It was only when I was refitting it and torquing it up that I noticed it felt odd. Kind of...
  2. Grrr, bollocks and some other expletives

    I've just come in form the garage after attempting to adjust the valve clearances on the GSA and it's all been a bit of a disaster. First problem was a loose bolt for the head guard which turned out to be stripped threads so it was out with the helicoil kit and after a bit of faffing around due...
  3. indicator warning beeper for g.o.t

    gormless old [email protected], that's me that is. I nearly got a chance to test the tranny's abs yesterday, riding along Fort st Ayr in pishing rain, when a taxi pulled out in front of me. I peeped at him and we exchanged expletives. THEN I NOTICED MY INDICATOR WAS STILL ON!!!!! It's not very cool I...
  4. XR125 not starting.

    Got my xr125 out yesterday for a run and after a couple of failed starts (engine turning then cutting out) and plenty of expletives inside my helmet I realised that I had turned the fuel valve to the off position (yes, I agree, I am an idiot). Turned the valve back to the on position but all I'm...