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  1. Travel
    Any of you lot know of a european insurance company that will cover the purchase of a motorcycle in one member state, the motorcycle to then be ridden (exported) to another member state, imported into the insureds resident state? As in - I wanna buy a bike in the UK and then (after the thaw and...
  2. Africa Twin
    Anyone ever tried to export a bike to Australia? I have all the relevant paper work to send off, copies of my passport etc. Just had the shipping fella round here for a quote & he recommends I get a 'letter of compliance' before shipping as it will speed the process up once in Australia. I have...
  3. Africa Twin
    Tried searching the forum, as I think this has had some coverage before... But Is there a way to export the @ to the USA? Or for that matter any other bike not originally sold there? Anyone done it? HOW!!?? Any help appreciated, am going round in circles trying to figure it out!
1-3 of 3 Results