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  1. Africa Twin
    (Cross posted on advrider) Anyone care to express an opinion as to what's going on with the battery compartment here? It's real messy with some weirdly placed fuses. Figured I'd post here before start tinkering and blowing stuff up.
  2. Chatter
    How many more muppets on Facebook are going to state that anyone who wasn’t born, or was kid at the time of Thatcher, doesn’t, or shouldn’t have an opinion on her? Did her legacy simply stop the moment she ceased to be PM? I think not… I’ll be forever grateful to Churchill and the men and...
  3. Welsh Invasion
    Right there's a call for a sixth Welsh Invasion with perhaps looking for a new bunkhouse. So what do you require from a bunkhouse with regards to rooms etc. Bear in mind in February we need to stay away from mountains because of the weather. I've had a quick look around and have found the...
  4. Discounts / Deals
    been hunting around for new bearings and thought that wemoto would be the best option but came across 'B&C Express'.... oem (koyo)top and bottom headrace bearings including vat and delivery for £18... thats a whopping £10+ cheaper than wemoto who are normally very good on price anyway!!!
  5. Chatter
    I know some of you are techies. A whole swathe of emails have fanished from my inbox. How do I get them back please?