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  1. Transalp 700 screen

    Hello, newbie on here. Just bought 700 transalp,2010 model. Its got a Puig extended screen with adjustable alloy brackets. I want a standard screen . So anyone got standard screen to sell or swap ?? Cheers. Dave
  2. How old???

    Today see's Africjim enter the realm of "The Soup Spillers":thumbup: Have a great extended weekend celebration on Skye, and may your latest ride be a smooth one :toothy10: Steve T :cool:
  3. Dommie fork length???

    Dominator / FMX
    Howdy Can someone please tell me the fully extended fork length of dommie? I swapped mine for some fancy ones and forgot to measure my old ones before I parted ways with them. I need to know if I've gained much length that needs rectifying. Thanks in advance Tomo
  4. Transalp Travels 2012 extended Version

    :thumbright: Transalp Travels 2012 extended - YouTube My last tweek of 2012 video , I promise to make some videos from this year .... soon
  5. Help with sidestand extension - welder needed...

    Hello! I have raised the TA 650 and need the side stand extended, I can't find the post again by whealiebin. But does anyone know a welder near Kingston Upon Thames? Or anyone I can post it to that can help me out?? Cheers Jez.
  6. Just back from Mauritania. Any Q's?

    Just returned home from 7500 mile Mauritania visit. General stuff - Sahara very windy at this time of year and slows (already slow on @) progress. Road surfaces very abrasive - good grip but eat tyres Morocco and Mauritania police and borders were a doddle. No bribery etc needed to freindly and...
  7. Autocom Super Pro Avi - Motorcycle Communication System

    Product Reviews
    I've had Autocom units for some time now and in 2007 upgraded to the Super Pro Avi unit. It has some really nice features: Foolproof VOX performance guaranteed to 180mph — even for bike-to-bike. Side tones-duplex intercom-instantaneous voice activation for normal speech patterns...
  8. Things I think I need to do......

    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...
  9. One-off brake pipe needed.

    Mechanical Advice
    I need an extended top brake line for my TA after fitting some small risers on the bars. Local brake boys are no good, so it looks as if I will have to get one made and have it posted. Anyone got a recommendation please?
  10. Side stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Time for a few more newbie questions. The sidestand is a little loose. When fully extended it will move a couple of centimeters side to side (perpendicular to the plane of rotation). I've checked the bolt and it's tight. Is this normal ? Cip,
  11. rd04 stolen,reward offered,keep yer eyes peeled

    Africa Twin
    hey folks some one has swiped my at,its r/w/b,reg begins h64 ,stainless pipe ,new f/wheel, a bit scruffy its an rdo4,has a new black extended screen ,new tyres,c/s,and scuff marks on right hand side,any help on getting it back or finding out who did it will be treated with total discretion.Taken...
  12. The bikes home.....

    Well, the new bikes home. A nice 23 mile run including dual track, A & B roads & hilly lanes. Being a returnee to biking anyway, & used to hammering out the miles on a 1961 Brit, it was about as pleasant an experience, in an 'un-classic' way as could be. I'd taken her for a brief 'test spin'...
  13. My RD04 saga continues..........

    Africa Twin
    Still working on the faring, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel :) I'm a fussy bugger and decided that the top section of the original fairing looked too short (not dakar enough), so i chopped about 1cm off the top where it curved outwards and have extended it by about 2" with...
  14. Caveman - EIBC Ltd

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    All, We haven't heard from Paul Cave aka Caveman in a while. He was last on the site in July so hasn't been around for a while. We've often wondered what has happened to him, and I know a few people have tried to contact him myself included with little success. There have been various rumours...
  15. Switch from Transalp to Vara?

    Hi All, Posted this in the Transalp forum but may be more relevant here! Looks like my commute might be getting a fair bit longer in the coming months. I've currently got an 03 Alp which I really like but mostly use at the weekends. However with this extended commute that I face (80 miles...
  16. Switch to a Vara?

    Hi All, Looks like my commute might be getting a fair bit longer in the coming months. I've currently got an 03 Alp which I really like but mostly use at the weekends. However with this extended commute that I face (80 miles each way) I'm thinking I may need something with a bit more grunt and...
  17. Favour wanted; Honda center stand measurements!

    Hi, For some reason the rear of my bike is some 30mm lower than Paul - 24lb's bike, with the suspension fully extended :? We only noticed this when the bikes were parked side by side in his garage..... Could someone with a 650 and Honda centre stand fitted take a few measurements? With bike...
  18. Baja GB 2006 (August 18th-20th)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    The event will be based at the Montpellier Hotel in Llandrindod Wells and kicks off with a ceremonial start at The Lake in Llandrindod Wells at 18.30 hrs on Friday, August 18th with competitors being flagged away by the Mayor of Llandrindod Wells, Councillor Tony Phillips and Lembit Opik MP. Two...
  19. Brighton Run Saturday 27th May - Evening!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A few peeps I know from Londonbikers are heading down to Brighton for Pier, Arcades and fish and Chips - classic biker stuff. The invite is extended to people on this forum too - sign up in the calendar if you want to go! It will be great to see us lot hooning down to the coast one evening!
  20. 8000 mile tour on the Ultimate Trail Bike

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This July 22nd I will be setting off from Hyde Park in London for the 3rd Annual Mongol Rally I will be riding the Classic Honda c90 approximately 8000 miles from London to Ulaan Bataar in Mongolia I will be the first ever and only motorcycle entrant to be attempting this grueling journey for...